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David Baum Leipzig, Germany
Plasma Docker Control

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Mar 06 2020
It took some time, but the new version has an improved UI and uses docker-compose stop :-) - Feb 29 2020
Alright, sounds useful and it's not hard to implement. Most challenging part will be to find a good UI for this - Sep 30 2018
This is the intented behaviour of docker-compose down:
What behaviour do you want or expect? - Sep 29 2018
Systemd Control

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Jan 14 2018
Might be a bit late, but I just fixed this. Just have a look at the updated install instructions. - Feb 05 2019
Install looks good. Don't know why you can't see it. It should be listed as "Systemd Control". Best guess: restart :-) - Apr 19 2018
You can delete the build folder.

You should be able to add the plasmoid to the desktop now. What do you see? After adding the plasmoid you won't see much. You have to go to the settings of the plasmoid and add the systemd services you'd like to control. - Apr 17 2018
Hi, thanks for your feedback As far as I Know "search mini-programs" does not support this kind of plasmoid, but since the documentation is very bad I'm not sure about this. However, manual installation should work. You have to use sudo, yes. - Apr 17 2018
Do you have breeze-icon-theme installed? - Jan 22 2018
Hm, strange. I'm not very familiar with icon handling, but I thought I'm just using kde default icons that should be available on every system. - Jan 22 2018
The plasmoid should haven an icon and the up- and down-buttons as well. Guess there is something broken with the icons. Maybe on your side, maybe on the add-on. Will try to find out.

The other things should be easy to fix. :) - Jan 22 2018
New version 1.1.0 is now available! Please have a look at it, it should fix the mentioned issues. - Jan 14 2018
Hello lutz,

thanks for your comment. I've never used it in the control bar, surprising that this works out of the box. I'm on vacation till end of the year, but then I'll have a look at the issues.

Can you write down debian dependencies? Then I'll add it to readme. - Dec 11 2017
So many downloads, but no single comment or rating. Does it work for you? - Nov 19 2017
KRunner Translator

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Jan 20 2018
That's strange. You have a proper KDE/Qt installation through your package manager I guess? Then qtpath should return the installation directories.
/usr/bin/qtpaths --install-prefix returns /usr on my system
/usr/bin/qtpaths --plugin-dir returns /usr/lib/qt/plugins on my system

Please verify your systems the same directories, than you simple can replace the qtpath commands with the directory paths.

- Aug 01 2018
Thanks, you have a typo in your cmake command: It has to be ` instead of ' before and after the qtpath commands. When you copy it from the it it should be correct. - Aug 01 2018
Then installation went wrong, probably. Have you followed the installation instructions? Any errors? - Aug 01 2018
Thanks for reporting! Just released v1.1.1 which should fix this bug. - Jul 04 2018
What do you mean? An example output you can see in the screenshot. - Feb 07 2018
Have a look at the new version. :-) - Jan 20 2018
Ok, I see. Maybe I'll find some time on the next weekend, then I can add this. - Jan 14 2018
Thanks for your feedback!

1. Sure, will do this.

2. Glosbe can't translate sentences, it only translates perfect machtes. Therefore, currently yandex is used for sentences/phrases and glosbe is always used for translating single words. Can you specify how the switch should work? From my point of view it is convenient that the runner selects the best plugin according to the input.

3. The current examples in the README are already glosbe examples, or what do you mean? - Jan 14 2018

yes, the yandex key starts with trnsl. However, there is no need to edit the config file. Once you installed the runner there is a config menu available where you can enter the key. - Apr 04 2016
Yep, currently any hints and explenations are missing. Your suggestions sounds good, will do it on the weekend.

It's the same with the api key. Could you follow my instructions? - Mar 03 2016 is now supported! Configuration is a bit complicate but once it is working it is almost as comfortable as it was with google translate. - Mar 03 2016
Thanks for you feedback and have a look at the new version (0.6). You can specify a primary and secondary language in the config dialog. What do you think about it?

Further, see README for instructions to reenable translation of sentences. - Mar 03 2016
Could you paste the output of the cmake and make commands?

Did you restart krunner after installation? - Feb 29 2016
Finally ... it should work again!

For the momemnt it uses, but I'll add yandex too. Unfourtunately I had to drop language detection and translation of sentences. - Feb 27 2016
Finally ... it should work again! Please try the new version. - Feb 27 2016
But yandex seems to support oauth, this may work. - Jan 29 2016
Thanks for the tip. However, you need an api key to access the api. Since I'm not allowed to share my key, every user has to create an account there, get an api key, and enter it somewhere in a config file or so and only then the plugin would work. This is to complicate I think.

However .... haven't found a better solution yet. - Jan 29 2016
Please have a look at the last thread. Recently Google made some changes to their api and so the runner stopped working. I'm looking for a solution to fix this. - Jan 26 2016
Had a look into it: Seems like it's not related to Plasma 5.5. Google made some changes to their api, probably they do not want their service to be used like that. Therefore it seems not reasonable to try to bypass this somehow since it will be broken in some weeks again.

I guess I have to look at other apis. Hopefully there is a high-quality and open source friendly api available. - Jan 26 2016
Thanks for the note, I can reproduce this. I'll have a look at it after christmas. - Dec 21 2015
Okay, looks good. Could you please post the complete output of makepkg somewhere? - Aug 22 2015
Please post the output of kf5-config --prefix and kf5-config --qt-plugins. - Aug 22 2015
Ok, the build issue is fixed, so I wrote a PKGBUILD for it. It's not on aur I just put it on dropbox for now. Does it work? - Aug 21 2015
"copy&paste" :) - Aug 21 2015
"copy&paste" :) - Aug 21 2015
Please check if the runner is enabled. There should be an entry "Translator" in the krunner settings.

If so, please start krunner from the console and cope┼┐paste the console output. - Aug 21 2015
It's not my PKGBuild, I had just linked it here. But since I'm using Arch too I can provide an own PKGBUILD within the next days. However as you can see in the INSTALL file, there is a small problem within the install process at the moment, which makes packaging impossible/impractical. Hopefully I can fix this soon. - Aug 20 2015
Finally it's done. :)

If you have some problems with this version, please let me know. Thanks for your support! - Aug 20 2015
Finally it's done. :)

If you have some problems with this version, please let me know. Thanks for your support! - Aug 20 2015
Yep, this was the behaviour of the runner some time ago. But the copy to clipboard function went broken somehow. Anyway, with version 0.4 for Plasma 5 this should work again. - Aug 20 2015
Currently working on a version for Plasma 5. I guess I can release a beta version next week. :) - Aug 16 2015
Currently working on a version for Plasma 5. I guess I can release a beta version next week. :) - Aug 16 2015
Meld Compare Menu

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Jul 03 2018
Alright. Although there is not much to update, works fine with current dolphin/kde versions. I've already fixed the problem with filenames containing spaces. - Jul 03 2018
Do you still maintain this menu? I really like it, but "compare" (3rd option) does not work for files containing spaces. - Jun 28 2018
+ - Jun 28 2018
Yamaha Control

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Aug 18 2017
Thanks for your comment. I've just updated the screenshot.

Every reciever has a different web interface, their functionality differs as well. My main motivation was to have something more user-friendly and easier accessible than the web interface. Besides that, the plasmoid allows you to switch between different scenes even if the reciever does not support it. These are the two extra buttons you have mentioned.

Which features do you miss? Maybe I can add them.

The api of the reciever you can find here: - Feb 25 2018

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Mar 15 2015
Yes, port to plasma 5 would be great! =) - Sep 15 2015

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Mar 11 2010
Meld Compare Menu

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Audio Device Switcher

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Redshift Control

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WorkFlow Plasmoid

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