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nathan grubb , United States of America

Full Icon Themes by mentalrey 183 comments

I was giving KDE another try and hoping to make it look really nice. Your Icons are the best I've ever seen. THey will really be a nice addition to my KDE desktop. Thanks! - Jan 20 2008

Fluxbox Themes by k4misiek 4 comments

Wow this theme is nice! I love it! Although there could be some pixmaps fro the buttons being pushed in. - Jan 12 2008

Ice-WM Themes by Albi 2 comments

btw I've ported this to fluxbox - Dec 29 2007

FVWM Themes by seba 6 comments

oops! I just remembered I use Fluxbox and this is a FVWM theme! Oh well - Dec 28 2007

FVWM Themes by seba 6 comments

That looks nice. I like the menu's especially - Dec 28 2007
Simple black

Fluxbox Themes by bartek7r 2 comments

nice work on this theme! I always have loved black themes - Dec 27 2007