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Ajay Kumar
Cosmic Struggle for iPhone

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In response to bandua83...

Ironically, I am deeply religious and I did not find this offensive at all.

I think personally, Michaelangelo fans should find this more offensive (reduction of art to pop-culture) than religious institutions or people who think they own (religious) art. Despite the fact that the traditional Church etc has historically had a bad relationship with Art, being either aggressive against it or mixed about whether Art is even acceptable or not.

Religion cannot own art. So, I do not apologise for religious sentiments being hurt. Also, this painting is not really "God" but an "idea of God". (In some cultures such an idea of God itself, even without the iPhone, is offensive)

I do apologise however to Artistic sentiments being hurt, and I appeal to a sense of humour to allow some "irony" to prevail. - Jun 18 2007
The Geeko for openSUSE

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You're right. it's not Gecko, it's Geeko. thanks for the tip. Wallpaper name stands corrected. - Jun 13 2007
The New (eye)Phone

Wallpaper Other by nayk92 3 comments

Oops. I forgot to give credit Actually, the reason why I "linked" the photo was because on my site I've given credit where I got the picture from. But because it only links to the photo, not many will know. for the record, I neither created the "eye" nor the "phone" I just put it together.
the source of the "eye" is below.

The iPhone image is a stock image.

Basically, this was a "funny" concept that I couldn't resist and I never meant to take credit for someone else's work.

Thanks for pointing it out. - Jun 12 2007