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simonas snarskas
Garfield [eng]

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Sep 24 2019
it no longer works, it just keeps displaying same garfield avatar image, altough if i go to website i can see new comics coming. probably some website change. could anyone fix this? - May 25 2014
Aura 2

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Dec 01 2010
Thanks :) - Dec 23 2010

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by mcder
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Apr 10 2020
Thanks for sharing interest in my wallpaper :)
You can find it in my account here. I was also suprised that a great plasma theme creator uses my wallpaper, so thats always very nice to see. - Dec 23 2010
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 1783 comments

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Aug 15 2013
Ive tried 3.0 beta 4 and theres few wrong things in your style. First in kde 4.5 the scrollbars are smaller and they no longer draw bevel by default. Also, the default oxygen color scheme's shading has been set to max. The checkboxes have also became smaller. I think you should fix those issues until the final version will come ;) - Sep 18 2010
Sparkle Light

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Jun 13 2010
Thanks, i highly appreciate your comment - Jun 13 2010
Church exit

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by mtax
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Mar 22 2010
This is waste of time. Just stop giving your arguments. Nobody will start to believe in God if you will keep repeating God exists everyday, and nobody will stop believing in God if you will keep repeating There's no God everyday. Calm down. I can say only one argument, theres no line in bible which states that fuckin children is allowed, so God isn't the problem, the problem is Organised religion, deal with it. In fact, I am personally a Christian, but i fully agree that Catholic church is evil, like all other organised religions. - Apr 05 2010
Shiny Rainbow

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Nov 14 2009
Sorry for late response. I know that my signature is too shiny, but i deleted .xcf file so i cant edit this. If you want to know how to make this kind of wallpaper go here:

You can make this rainbow better looking by applying motion blur (ensure its zoom). - Nov 21 2009
Air for Nokia

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Oct 04 2009
Thanks for tip. So, what do you consider? I use nature wallpaper and all of these transpariences looks nice to me. - Oct 04 2009
I'm glad you like it :) - Oct 04 2009
Glad that it works. One question though, does bottom bar looks like in screenshots to you, or is it transparent. - Oct 04 2009
Thanks, what exactly do you mean by working on fonts? You think that plain black isn't good choice? - Sep 19 2009
Well,i havent created it, and probably i will not create it, but theres some one else created theme for s60, here, take a look: - Sep 19 2009
Im glad that you liked my work :) - Aug 05 2009
Well, ill need time to examine s60 xml theme file and the one more problem is that i dont have s60 phone so i cant test my theme. anyway if ill have time then sure ill create it - Jul 28 2009
Thanks for suggestion, look at my updated theme :) - Jul 28 2009

Plasma Themes
by mcder

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9   Dec 23 2010