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Evgeniy Soukhoterin Kursk, Russian Federation

Utilities by mohareve 52 comments

Screenshots and the description look nice, so I tried to install the app on OpenSuse 11.2. Gambas is provided by and contains the package gambas2-gb-opengl, while the app requires gambas2-gb-qt-opengl. I suppose that they are the same thing but the app surely cannot recognize this. What should I do?

Also I can try to help with translation of the app into Russian if it will involve the work with text only and will not require any knowledge about Gambas programming. - Feb 18 2010
New Device Notifier with Automount

Plasma 4 Extensions by strobeam 44 comments

Not with ext3 only but with the other systems too. Sad. Have to choose beetween automounting and no-English letters in dirnames. - Jan 22 2010