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Iain Alexander North Wales, United Kingdom
North Wales in Winter

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Feb 26 2013
As there's no thumbnail, I got a pleasant suprised when I downloaded it.. Being in North Wales, I wasn't expecting such colour - I was thinking more snow/rain/grey etc.

Very Nice.. Where was it taken?
- Mar 09 2013
Rosa 2012.1 enhancement

Plasma Color Schemes 2 comments

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Dec 15 2012
The font I'm using at the moment and for these screenshots is

- Dec 20 2012
Rosa Elementary 2012.1

QtCurve 2 comments

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Jan 14 2013
I was sure this was fine, but downloaded it myself and archive empty?
(or is it just me)

Will re-upload and apologies..... someone tell me next time please! - Dec 09 2012
Lightning Unified QtCurve

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Jun 26 2014
good job, looks great - Nov 12 2012

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Oct 19 2012
Thanks for the comment.

Oddly I don't get that.. what I get sometimes is a title bar that is too dark to read!

What theme/decorations are you using for GTK apps? Are you using QTCurve for both KDE and GTK?

Does it change if you use a different window decoration theme? (aurorae, or dekcorator, or Plasitc etc")
So many variables, it's hard to know where to start looking to fis it, but I will try. - Nov 03 2012

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Apr 21 2020
I've used Q10, WriteMonkey, Darkroom, Pyroom a couple of the Chrome Web apps that do a similar job. But I always end up comparing them to this and I wonder why I keep bothering to test the others as they always come up short. This is a great tool, does everything I need, runs in every OS I use and portably on usb stick. Just great. Thanks for making it. - Jun 13 2012

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Jan 08 2013
Have to say that I really like Apper, first came across it in Fedora 16 but now have it on both my fedora laptop and both my Ubuntu laptops (now sad am I having 4 laptops) Much prefer it over Muon etc.

Thank you for making it - May 21 2012
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9   Mar 09 2013
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9   Mar 09 2013