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Markus Neteler Bonn, Germany

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Jan 03 2017
GRASS data (raster and vector) can be read via GDAL and OGR ( - Aug 26 2006
great to hear! please keep us informed how the progress is going on.
It would be very good to send a mail onto the GRASS devel. list so that everybody knows your project - May 24 2005
you are right the UI which comes with GRASS is tcltk, not QT - other UI projects are on the way e.g. QGIS which is a stand-alone GIS but can be used as GRASS data access frontend.

The GRASS team would be very happy if somebody would revitalise/initalise the QT UI for GRASS.

I apologise for posting a not yet truly KDE software but sooner or later we'll come to this point.

best regards on behalf of the GRASS Development Team - Mar 10 2005
The GRASS Project team is looking for posters that can be used to show what GRASS is and what GRASS can do!! The GRASS community will vote for the best posters. The best three will be made available on the GRASS project website. - Feb 14 2005