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Alexander Neundorf
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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 35 comments

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Jan 21 2005
Same here. The XP start menu is one of the worst things of XP, it looks ugly and it takes a long time until yo understand it. A one-column menu works much better.

Alex - Jan 22 2005

Developers Apps 46 comments

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Jan 09 2009

I think it would be great if this could be integrated with kdevelop. kdevelop is quite modular, so maybe it's not impossible to do. kdevelop already rules as it is now, with this added it will become even better.

Alex - Oct 14 2004
Eclipse is not bad, also for C/C++ projects, but it's huge and slow.
(same goes for OOo). Although KDE apps aren't exactly known for being fast and leightweight, compared to Eclipse (and OOo) they really are.

Alex - Oct 14 2004

Video Converters 67 comments

by kraus
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Jun 24 2005

I didn't test it, but have you ever tried using kommander ? Maybe this is the kind of task which can be done with kommander without any C++ programming required ?

Alex - Jul 26 2004