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Tommy Brunn Lule√≠¬•, Sweden
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Jun 07 2010
I couldn't reply to your message (Clemmy), but I'm using an Intel chip, so there are no closed source drivers for me to run. I have the high-color mode Plymoth (I have a desktop computer with an nvidia card, so I know what the low-color version looks like). - Jun 07 2010
That would make sense, as my wallpaper is 1440x900. If you could find out the maximum size for the Plymoth backgrounds, you could make a copy of the wallpaper and automatically resize it (keeping the aspect ratio). That would be awesome! - Jun 06 2010
Here's the output of me doing all the above: - Jun 06 2010
With 0.3 it works, kinda. I don't know if it's related to your script or not. When I shut down the computer I do see plymoth with the correct background. But when I start it up again, I only get a black screen until GDM. - Jun 06 2010
Tried it, and now it seems I don't get to see Plymoth at all. It's just black until GDM.

The GDM background, however, is correctly set.

The problem with the menu is, as would be expected, still present. - Jun 06 2010
This doesn't work all that well. When I installed it (but didn't run it), it changed my Plymoth background to a completely random wallpaper (not the one I was currently using). Now when I actually tried using it, it set the correct Plymoth background, but instead the GDM background was set to pure purple.

Also, every time I log out the application disappears from my menu, and the only way to get it back is to reinstall it. - Jun 04 2010
Is there any way to back up the old configuration, in case I decide I want to revert back? - Jun 04 2010
Yup. Lets hope the author fixes it soon. - Jun 04 2010

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Sep 09 2010
Looks fantastic! Here's what I did in lieu of a ppa: I just cloned the git repository and made symbolic links to /usr/share/themes/, so whenever there's an update I can just cd into ~/workspace/finery-themes/ and do git pull to update. I could even set it as a cronjob or something if I wanted it to be completely automatic. - Jun 04 2010
Dropbox Ubuntu Mono Dark icons

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by nevon
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May 09 2010
Upon restarting it turns out I did have the same problem. Following the instructions you linked to (with some minor differences, since I'm not running the one from the repos) solved the problem. - May 09 2010
Tried it now, and I didn't have a problem. Maybe it's because I uninstalled the old version of Dropbox. - May 09 2010
Huh. That's odd. I never had any problems with just replacing the icons and restarting dropbox. - May 09 2010
That's probably because you didn't overwrite the original ones. If you go into ~/dropbox-dist/icons you'll see that the original ones are still there, and the new ones are called idle(1).png and such.

Either delete all the icons in the folder and re-extract the new ones into it, or rename the icons so that the new ones are just called idle.png, busy.png, x.png etc. - May 09 2010
Facebook smiley theme

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by nevon
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Jan 30 2010
In that shot I was using Dust Sand with the Glow metacity window decoration. - Feb 01 2010

GTK2 Themes 12 comments

by Pakos
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Nov 28 2009
Then how did you get them to be so big? And how did you get them to be in the bottom-left/middle? - Dec 03 2007
How did you get the funky icons in the screenshots? I downloaded PantherII, an although sexy, they don't quite look like these ones. The "specialized" icons like the music folder don't look like that. Are those emblems? When I add emblems, they look insanely tiny and curl up in the top-right corner.
Using Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 - Dec 02 2007