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chris frye

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 153 comments

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Jan 09 2013
awesome! it works great! thank you very much! - Jan 11 2013
Anyone notice the bug where you use the WD tabbing feature and you add two windows to a tabbed group. You can click between the tabs just fine on the Window Decoration titlebar. However if you shade to titlebar then unshade, then try to switch between the tabs -> you can only go to one more tab "click". Every subsequent time you try to click afterwards it wont work (until you shade/unshade again - and then it'll only work for one more click). This bug isnt present in Oxygen WD. Those are the only two WD I've used that support the window tabbing..

I love Crystal and have used it on and off for many years. I hope they can fix this problem. Is there anywhere I can file a bug report? - Dec 29 2012