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Nikita Zlobin

Plasma Color Schemes 3 comments

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Sep 21 2014
Fine. What icon theme is on the screenshot? - Sep 23 2014
YouTube DL Applet

Utilities 38 comments

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Apr 08 2014
I just figured out, that option -f specifies only preference order for possible failures.

I.e., it downloads first available format. However, there is undocumented support for n1+n2 format, specially designed for video+audio downloads, which are muxed. - Apr 21 2014
youtube-dl itself is not my project - i only made a convenient gui.

Look there: - Apr 02 2014
Last link (just after this post) works for me.
I self had several cases, when some video could not be downloaded from tube, but succeed later.

Also it fails to download multiple videos from same hosting. - Apr 01 2014
Under pure i mean invoking youtube-dl itself instead of via applet. - Apr 01 2014
It is just a gui for youtube-dl, so don't forget to try it pure first. - Apr 01 2014

$ youtube-dl
[generic] f515f9675e683: Requesting header
WARNING: Falling back on generic information extractor.
[generic] f515f9675e683: Downloading webpage
[generic] f515f9675e683: Extracting information
ERROR: Unsupported URL:; please report this issue on . Be sure to call youtube-dl with the --verbose flag and include its complete output. Make sure you are using the latest version; type youtube-dl -U to update. - Apr 01 2014
Pure youtube-dl fails as well:
[youtube] RTMP download detected
[download] Destination: The Tooth Fairy-W4awyd8icQQ.unknown_video
ERROR: unable to download video

As for applet, it just posts last line from youtube-dl output, describing error, in such cases. - Apr 01 2014
If you are about "help which", it was for bash coders, who eventually may need such feature :) - Apr 01 2014
Eliminated need for which command - just figured out builtin bash feature, for interested:
$ help command # =)

That command in debian/ubuntu is in debianutils package - some kind of distro feature :S. - Apr 01 2014
I have some idea. Do you have command "which" available? It is used to detect, wether youtube-dl available. I guess, some distros could don't have it installed by default. In this case i need to find other way of detection. I guessed it as essential as coreutils :S.

Try to run in command line "which youtube-dl". - Apr 01 2014
Captain Obviousity reports, you probably need to install youtube-dl :). - Mar 31 2014
Did you unpack that archive? And entered to unpacked dir? - Mar 31 2014
Wait, are you runing it just by click in script file? In this case it doesn't anything, but just copies necessary files. It doesn't write nothing, like OK, Done, etc. Probably, it is already installed. Try command "youtube-dl-applet" and check applications menu (in KDE just type "youtube" in kde runner by F2 or in kickoff kde menu). - Mar 09 2014
So, this time you ran dolphin itself from root? I never do so. There is no need for this. sudo is supposed to be part of command.

I updated readme just after my previous reply, it includes example command, try it.

- open terminal emulator in dolphin by F4
- don't forget to change to sources directory
- run command there - Mar 09 2014
Run as root (use sudo or su -c, or just enter subshell with su command).

Almost all install notes (in all packages) mention this, but I thought it is obvious, that modification of system contents needs root permissions. - Mar 08 2014
Fixed. Did not add it first because assumed it essential. - Feb 23 2014
In this release i removed one forgotten line. Don't know, will it fix something, because for me it did not break nothing. If you will get some bug, try following steps until you get an error:

1. Run manually command: youtube-dl URL
2. Also in terminal:
> bash $(which youtube-dl-applet) URL

Second step will print all executed code, so it will be easier to figure out, what happens. - Feb 06 2014
What application or environment do you use for icon placement?

I got two issues with plasma-desktop:
- cometimes it may freeze, fully loading cpu without any effect;
- when object is above icon, indication of possible dropping doesn't appear, and if you drop before it happens, it is useless. - Feb 02 2014
Also try this:
$ bash --verbose $(which youtube-dl-applet)

Among other it will print all executed lines. - Feb 02 2014
Try to run in terminal emulator same command as in launcher:
youtube-dl-applet <url>

Yet i got cases (one video on, when even
$ youtube-dl <url>
typed directly, fails - they may be seen with enabled terminal emulator. - Feb 02 2014
Try to run in terminal emulator same command as in launcher:
youtube-dl-applet <url>

Yet i got cases (one video on, when even
$ youtube-dl <url>
typed directly, fails - they may be seen with enabled terminal emulator. - Feb 02 2014
Fixed without such trick. - Jan 24 2014
Last time i noticed, that konsole uses $HOME (also referred as '~') as working dir, what doesn't happen e.g., with urxvt. Problem appears ONLY when program is invoked by link, dragged to icon. Manual runing of <$ youtube-dl-applet URL> in terminal doesn't cause it.

For now it is better just to use urxvt or some other emulator. URXVT is known to not have this problem.

It seems, runing of terminal emulator from previously changed directory is not so reliable. My current hope is to run command without it, using TE only to show log via some pipe. - Jan 22 2014
Forgot, it is already in changelog S] - Jan 15 2014

If environment variable DEBUG=yes is specified, it will just print command instead to run it. - Jan 15 2014
ALSA Volume Control plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions 62 comments

by F1ash
Score 83.0%
Apr 01 2014
Hm, it jumps back if changed by dragging. But with scrolling it is OK. - Apr 02 2014
Sorry for long delay.

I restarted plasma-desktop by killall -6.
Notifications still appear, for tooltip i have all but one last value visible.

New problem: sliders on panel's widget change to previous value after attempt to change. But in dialog it doesn't happen.
And tooltip: when i begin to change value from panel widget, missing value for last slider appears, but when changed value jumps back, appeared value disappears from tooltip again. - Apr 02 2014
Got it again (about tooltip but). One issue: value in last line is unaligned with other values. - Mar 31 2014
But tooltip still needs to be fixed. I have intel hda, and there are ≈8 channels. When i enable sliders for all, only 3 or 4 are visible. It just ignores some of them., including even Capture slider.

Last time i tried again to enable all, they all where visible on tooltip. - Mar 31 2014
Yeah, i completely forgot about that. I had disabled all sliders, because there is another bug: they didn't affect applet size on panel.
Hm, just noticed it fixed, thanks :) - Mar 31 2014
Honestly, this is the first and only one applet, flooding desktop notifications each time when its panel hides.

It would be nice to show at least only first time. Or complement notification with action "Don't tell anymore" to allow user disable it manually.

IMHO, such widget is must have for those, actively working with multimedia/pro-audio stuff.
Yet it would be nice to support scrolling to change preselected channel, like all known applets do. - Mar 30 2014

Full Icon Themes 10 comments

by frag
Score 81.5%
Nov 16 2011
In addition to above comment that site now can't be opened, though it reachable for pings.
Not sure, how long it is to be. - Mar 23 2014

QtCurve 3 comments

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Jan 10 2014
Веселье только начинается.
Вот дойдут до упомянутого бага, да еще несколько фич добавят (см. issues на github) - тогда будет веселье =D. - Jan 10 2014
At the moment borders are made too sharp, because current version of qtcurve blends them in the same way as for opaque look: colors are precalculated into non-transparent form (without alpha channel). Thus, dark shade with 20% transparency above 50% gray background will have result color of 40% gray. If placed above e.g. black terminal, this "shade" will look much lighter than background.

QtCurve project is again in active development, and there is already ticket for mentioned bug. - Jan 10 2014
QtCurve (KDE4, KDE3, & Gtk2 Theme)

QtCurve 2890 comments

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Jan 16 2013
Only one voting is alloved. On attempt it says "Already voted". - Dec 27 2013
Only one voting is alloved. On attempt it says "Already voted". - Dec 27 2013
Cool! When i made reports, i did not even know, that it is unmaintained S)) - Dec 27 2013
Get my excuses. I by mistake voted this message down, no idea how to undo votes. Probably you need to post it again, may be not even there (author mentioned github issues). - Dec 27 2013
When docked window is detached, then if it is marked rounded, it would be rounded like menus and tooltips. But instead it is just drawed rounded above some opaque square rectangle.
Some other engines (oxygen) do it right. As for decoration — why not to add border for it as for menus, at least in detached mode.

P.S. Sorry for almost zero contribution, for now i just add some todos. - May 25 2013
Hard Curve

QtCurve 12 comments

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Nov 07 2013
in short, track changes in description - Nov 07 2013
config file in that directory should be not *.qtcurve, but just qtcurve :) - Nov 07 2013
As for 'qtcurve' dir, it is supposed for second installation way. Is it unclear from description? - Nov 07 2013
Looks like i somehow removed extension from qtcurve theme pack. You can also add it for already downloaded copy. For me in kde such file is treated as zip archive, and as i added in description, it has text config and 2 images. - Nov 06 2013
Hoped to upload it without replacing of raw directory, but could not find way to add more files (though i can add links to external resources).

Will reupload with both in one archive. - May 03 2013

Plasma Themes 17 comments

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Aug 15 2010
However windows become visible one desktop, howeverd by mouse until mouse is gone. - May 12 2013
I tried various themes and found, that only with this pager doesn't show windows on inactive desktops. - May 12 2013
The closest theme, i could find, is nouveKDEGray, which is at least much brighter. - May 04 2013
Anyway, nice theme. Most of plasma themes, complementing plain/glowing/lcd-like qt/gtk/etc styles are transparent, and thus are a harder to be used without enabled window manager's blurring feature (some are unusable without blurring). - May 04 2013
Bordered dark for QtCurve

QtCurve 1 comment

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Mar 29 2013
Imho, would be nice to use either greenish-yellow highlighting or blue, or at least choose them closer each to other in color space.
What is wallpaper on screenshot? - May 04 2013

Plasma Color Schemes
by duodraco

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9   Sep 23 2014
ALSA Volume Control plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions
by F1ash

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9   Mar 30 2014
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9   Dec 27 2013
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9   May 04 2013
Distro Watcher

Plasma 5 Applets
by dimkard

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9   May 04 2013

Wallpaper Other
by dummy_double

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9   May 04 2013
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9   May 04 2013
Slackware Simple

Wallpaper Other
by marcm2003

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9   May 04 2013

Plasma Themes
by TheRob

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9   May 04 2013

Full Icon Themes
by frag

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9   May 04 2013
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9   May 04 2013
Neon Icon theme by FRUiT

Full Icon Themes
by FRUIT94

Score 78.3%
9   May 04 2013
Score 58.0%
9   May 04 2013
Oxygen Neon

by qwerta

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9   May 04 2013
Score 80.0%
9   May 04 2013

by Senoculus

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9   May 04 2013

by tsujan

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9   May 04 2013

Full Icon Themes
by tsujan

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9   May 04 2013

Full Icon Themes
by adarkman

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9   May 04 2013

Plasma Themes
by Deathmachine

Score 80.6%
9   May 04 2013
Midnight Sun

Plasma Color Schemes
by Deathmachine

Score 75.5%
9   May 04 2013