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Nic OBrain

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by ivancukic 109 comments

is there any way to get this work under kde3? - Sep 14 2008

deKorator Themes by neverrust 5 comments

can you send me your baghira settings? the normal Baghira Style is not good :D

Which Dock has you in that screenshot? - Aug 23 2008

deKorator Themes by neverrust 5 comments

Can your up your complete Theme?
Or can you say what it is?

It looks great on that small screenshot. - Aug 23 2008
Kirocker Music Display

Audio Apps by Sebien 324 comments

Hello calleneptuno,

its a error message about the missing "xorg-dev" package.

I have found out that you will need the following packages:


But after this ill become an error 2, so i dont have lust to test this app.

P.S: Excuse my bad englisch, iam german - Dec 10 2007
Gimpshop Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by nicobrain 4 comments

thanks for your comments.
I just only like the feathers. the splash from CS3 is just to simple for me.
But, maybee i make a OpenOffice splash. - Jul 17 2007

Karamba & Superkaramba by thidney 19 comments

nice wallpaper in the second picture, where can i get this? - Jul 11 2007