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Jun 14 2012
No: Plasma 5 does not support python plasmoids. And I dont want to start from scratch e.g. rewrite everything in javascript/qtquick. - Mar 21 2015
thx - updated - Aug 30 2012
This happens on almost every KDE update (very annoying) - please report this to your KDE packager... This has nothing todo with veromix (no python plasmoid will work - check gmail-plasmoid) - Jun 14 2012
You were right: The whole folder was missing. Uploaded a new fixed version.
/nik - Jun 12 2012
No the file is not missing it was just renamed to: (will update the wiki soon). - Jun 12 2012
- Have you rebooted your machine since you upgraded?
- Do you get an error message if you manually start the service:
- May 14 2012
thx for the update. - May 14 2012
I cannot reproduce that (did i understand right: you drag the veromix icon from the add-widget dialog to the desktop?)
What about other python plasmoids? Can you add the gmail plasmoid to your desktop? - Apr 06 2012
Why? (bacause you've had bad experience with pa..)

AFAIK per application volume controls are not possible with "pure" ALSA (and will never be). Pulseaudio was created especially for that purpose (and does not replace ALSA instead they are designed to work together).

There where others asking if I could add a fallback for users that don't want to use PA. Technically it's possible to have static streams (like any other mixer out there) but this is too much work (no good python bindings) for something I would never use. And people who don't like PA most probably also dont like python plasmoids...

/nik - Feb 20 2012
Just discovered:
There is a problem with some themes (that have very small buttons, for instance "Air") - I will address that in the next release.
On my system the problem does not exist if the first channel (counting bottom up) channel is a Mediacontrol.

Thanks for the report.

- Feb 13 2012
No problem here. Need more info:

- Do you get debugging output in ~/.xsession-errors (or by running "plasmoidviewer veromix-plasmoid" in a terminal) after clicking?

- Maybe you also want to check if you can load the equalizer manually, in a terminal:

nik@bird:~$ pacmd
Welcome to PulseAudio! Use "help" for usage information.
>>> load-module module-ladspa-sink sink_name=ladspa_output.mbeq_1197.mbeq plugin=mbeq_1197 label=mbeq control=0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
>>> exit
>>> nik@bird:~$

After that veromix shoud show an equalizer (or an error message in .xsession-errors)

/nik - Feb 13 2012
That sould work - I don't understand, what you mean with:
Oh... I can't check now switching to HDMI, will it work, or you didn't change that?

- Feb 05 2012
thanks - updated - Feb 05 2012
Could you post your script? - Feb 05 2012
Great - is your change necessary with the new version (0.15.1) or did you fixed it in the older version? - Feb 05 2012
I uploaded a new version that should fix the context menu: 0.15.1

Please tell me if this solves the problem.

/nik - Feb 04 2012

Now if I plug HDMI, I must open Veromix settings dialog and switch default profile to HDMI output in Pulseaudio settings. And when I unplug the cable, I must open settings dialog again and choose analog duplex. It was easier before, click on triangle of default output and select desired profile in drop-down list (which was buggy, but it worked)

Is the context-menu not working on your system? By right clicking on an output you should get a context-menu where you can switch to HDMI (and back). The same context-manu should appear when you click on the triangle (which is hideable via veromix settings).

If the context menu does not appear, please launch the plasmoid manually and send me the stack-trace:

cd ~/.kde/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/veromix-plasmoid/
plasmoidviewer . --formfactor=vertical

And a feature request (sorry, I don't have google account, so I'm leaving it here):

UUps didn't realize that a google-account is required to leave a bug report -- will check that.

Is it posible to make Veromix to switch back to analog, when HDMI is unplugged? And automatically connect to USB headphones when they are plugged in, or switch back to internal when unplugged?

Theoretically this should be handeled by pulseaudio. I will check what I can do about it..

And the last. Thank you for making usefull stuff, not some sistemmonitor plasmoid :)

:-) - Feb 04 2012
I do not "add apps" - an app is listed when the app has an mpris2 dbus interface or is supported by kde's nowplaying-dataengine.
So if your favorite app is not listed ask its developper to implement the mpris2 specification..
Regards nik - Nov 17 2011

- try to disable "Media Player Controls" in Veromix settings.

- launch dbus-monitor on a virtual console (Ctrl-Alt-F1, login, export DISPLAY=:0 , dbus-monitor > /tmp/myfile.txt, then login via KDM). And attach the file to a bugreport on

- Is there any "user-process" running after you have restarted KDM?

- check .xsession-errors (don't forget to delete it before the first login)

- try an older versions of veromix

/nik - Nov 10 2011
I am not the maintainer of the suse pkgs..

I suggest that you start the veromix service manually to get some error messages (check the wiki on google-code for detailled info / follow the homepage link above) - also check if there is a pulseaudio process running.

Multiple instances of the widgets are no problem (i got 4)

Hope this helps

/nik - Oct 13 2011

Bugs should be reported here:

> * what is that tiny button at the right bottom? It does not seem to do anything

Most probably "swh-plugins" is not installed on your system... (see requirements).


- Sep 10 2011
What version of KDE are you using?

Maybe this helps: - Sep 02 2011
No problem! Thanks for the update - I will try to make the next version backward compatible..

/nik - Aug 27 2011

squeeze has kde < 4.5 right? Then it sould be possible to change the line




in /usr/share/kde4/apps/plasma/plasmoids/veromix-plasmoid/metadata.desktop

Afterwards you will have to reload plasma (or logout and login again).


Alternatively you can install veromix in your home-directory (e.g. download the .plasmoid file from here - I didn't test the newest version with old kde versions, but older versions should work:

Please let me know if you succeed..

nik - Aug 27 2011
done - presets will come later - Jul 25 2011
agree - I already tried to use plasma.BarMeterHorizontal some time ago but it always crashed the whole desktop (known bug). I will try again.. I don't want to implement it myself :-( - Jul 01 2011
Great idea!

[working on it]

/nik - Jun 29 2011
there is no reference to veromix in this output. If veromix does not appear in the plasmoidbrowser (or plasmoidviewer -l) please try to install another plasmoid (for instance gmail-plasmoid) - just to narrow down the problem. A next step could then be to create a new user-profile and install veromix there... - Jun 26 2011
Is this the log with the veromix installed? There is no output from veromix in it. I also just rebooted (same system: KUbuntu amd64) and got no problem.

Hope you give veromix another try .-) - Jun 25 2011
have you tried to install it via command line:
plasmapkg -r veromix-plasmoid
plasmapkg -i <downloaded file>

the plasma widget explorer is a bit buggy...

/nik - Jun 25 2011
The textual description overlaps the 'thumb' of the slider:

ok - not shure if I can do something about it (the old implementation was much less performant, so I don't wanna go back)

The popup menu of the 'default sink' combo is clipped:

Also. perhaps 'default output' would be more user-friendly than 'default sink'?

You are right - I will change that

/nik - Jun 14 2011
Yes I will add that option. Thanks for the tipp! - Apr 04 2011
Do you know another "remote control" that supports vlc-cover-art?

According to the mpris interface isn't finished yet... - Mar 25 2011
Per default bangarang is on the ignore-list (see veromix-settings "Media Player Controls") - last time I checked it, bangarang was not working:

Please try to remove bangarang from the "ignore list". If the controls then don't work, you can try to add org.mpris.bangarang to the list of "mpris2 Media-players"... if it is still not working, you should report a bug against bangarang, because almost all other players work... If it works please tell me, so I can remove bangarang from the ignore-list.

@OSD: I noted the your wish here:

/nik - Mar 25 2011
I will check that, I will update the result here: - Mar 25 2011
Great - I linked your review in the description (hope this is ok for you, else I will remove it)


p.s. your blog is not on planetkde :-( - Mar 18 2011
thanks for the reminder - changelog updated.. - Mar 12 2011

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Oct 01 2019
Currently it looks like you will have to port your plasmoid to C++ as soon as KDE switches to libplasma2/Frameworks5: I haven't seen any sign of python support for libplasma2/Frameworks5 (even though this link talks about it):

[All my plasmoids are written in python and will most probably die - they all use functionality not available in javascript]

- Nov 18 2012
veromix (Gtk)

Various Gnome Stuff 4 comments

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Jun 14 2012
Me first impression (yesterday) was, that I could change some import statement and it would work: Unfortunately this is not the case and Fedora users will have to wait until dbus-python(3) lands in Fedora (what will happen one day):

/nik - Jun 12 2012
Looks like Fedora/Red Hat does not (want to) support python3-dbus:

There is a solution (using gobject-introspection) - I will post an update soon

- Jun 11 2012
Konsole Widget

Plasma 4 Extensions 39 comments

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Jun 06 2012
A (custom) icon for the popup widget would make it perfect.

- Jun 20 2011
Works for me: Right click over the console part and enable transparency for the current console profile..
/nik - Jun 19 2011

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Apr 12 2011
working now? - Apr 12 2011
Thx - it seems that the fan-lookup is not case-insensitive (fan vs Fan) -- i will fix that..

/nik - Apr 12 2011
No there is an option "Maximum Speed" which defines which rpm value should be taken as 100%.

Or what do you mean with "range of the meter"? - Apr 11 2011

can you check if you find the "missing" fans in the plasma dataengine, run:

plasmaengineexplorer --engine systemmonitor

and add the search-term: fan. If all fans are listed there, please tell me their names. Otherwise you should fill a bug against the plasma-dataengine "systemmonitor"..

Hope this helps

/nik - Apr 11 2011
You can already change the range of the meter in the settings.. - Apr 04 2011
You don't need the dev's (you mean development packages right?)

lm-sensors must be configured. Run the command "sensors" in a terminal and look for fan1, fan2 ... thats what this plasmoid should show. - Apr 04 2011

Is the new verison working?

/nik - Apr 04 2011

Webcam & Monitoring
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Feb 23 2012
Konsole Widget

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by JustinBuser

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Jun 18 2011
0k suite

by Scnd101

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Jul 22 2010
Easy SSH Connection

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by vgevorgyan

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Mar 09 2010

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by geflei

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Jul 20 2009