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Nitin Bhamvani Manchester, United Kingdom
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Meerkats in Ubuntu Sun

Wallpapers Ubuntu 2 comments

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Oct 09 2010
Many thanks for your positive comments...much appreciated!

I was tempted to work on it more, and add more detail....but left it as is. I quite like the simplicity of it. - Oct 11 2010
Pastelised Meerkat

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Oct 04 2010
I had someone complain earlier that I was 'spamming' in the wrong group. I am new to all this, so please do excuse me if I've submitted this to the wrong group.

Since Ubuntu uses the Gnome desktop environment, I assumed it would be fine to upload this here. Moreover, I have noted plenty of Ubuntu related stuff here, so thought it was fine.

I have uploaded to Ubuntu-Art, but don't notice as much activity, however. - Oct 05 2010
Thanks for the positive feedback....much appreciated. :-) - Oct 05 2010
I'm glad to say that there was no infringement as I have already asked permission from the creator of original photo. - Oct 04 2010