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George Nussbaum
Conky Symbols

Fonts by wiltur 8 comments

Site is no longer up. Anyone know why or where to get these? - Aug 08 2013

GTK2 Themes by curtis 11 comments

Like the font and the wallpaper. Where can you get them? - Mar 17 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba by PARENA 156 comments

How do I stop it from being always on top? - Sep 18 2005

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by kumanprx 5 comments

I may celebrate Xmas all year! - Dec 26 2004
Pink-Floyd Ksplash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by cado 10 comments

Are you the GPL police????? - Oct 21 2004
Liquid Weather ++

Karamba & Superkaramba by Matti 1797 comments

I'm getting the same thing as hangs saying downloading data.. - Jun 25 2004
TubeClock with Seconds

Karamba & Superkaramba by Reverant2501 8 comments

how can you set it up to display 12-hour instead of 24-hour? - Jun 19 2004
Aqua Slackware

Wallpaper Other by adrenalize 9 comments

You should call it "Slackua".... - Oct 03 2003
New MacOSX Bar

Karamba & Superkaramba by virusbye 30 comments

Everything is fine except for the weather forecast on the right. It's cut off halfway, so I don't see my cityname and I only have the first two days showing. - Jun 12 2003
Linux Questions Syndicated

Karamba & Superkaramba by rmartine 15 comments

you get the posts listed underneath the title bar like in your pic? All I have is that and nothing else and the script files are all empty. - Jun 10 2003