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Mitch switch

GDM Themes by kyrie 1 comment

I like it a lot, I think perhaps playing with some matching colors to the eyes you could put something really interesting in the background. Anyway thanks for sharing! - Feb 23 2006
Sky is the limit

GDM Themes by boma 9 comments

maybe a url to the wall would be a good idea? - Feb 23 2006
SnowIsh GDM

GDM Themes by saki 4 comments

I like the colors, yet I do understand the comments about everything being "too white". I don't think this wonderful GDM theme suffers from that and I really like it a lot.

ps. Hopefully when I install it doesnt' say ubuntu since I'm using RHEL. - Feb 23 2006
Orurillo / Peru

GDM Themes by fibbs 3 comments

I just installed it on my laptop which does 1024x768 and I have no issues..

ps. I love that picture!
The contrasts of colors, the detailed hand-made boats, the peacefulness of the clouds, the distant lands.. well done! Thanks for sharing! - Feb 23 2006
THE ONE - Simple

Wallpaper Other by NYCmitch25 2 comments

This is a good picture I'm a little surprised that it's only at 52%.. I guess I'm looking for some feed back... - Feb 17 2006
GNU/Linux city

Wallpaper Other by lsaturno 2 comments

Very cool... it's simple and yet interesting at the same time. Very nice mix of colors and it's not offensive, it's pleasing on the eyes.. nice work! - Feb 17 2006
cliffs_of_moher ireland xinerama sxga

Wallpaper Other by wolfon 2 comments

the photo really is perfect.. the right amount of color too.. - Feb 13 2006
Linux 25 pixel brush

Wallpaper Other by striderstrahan 1 comment

but it's just a little off the mark which makes the picture lack "personality" looks kind of dreary and strange for people's tastes. The Tux dude should be happy or smirking or up to no good... - Feb 13 2006

Wallpaper Other by meetoo 1 comment

What is the text saying? I like it maybe that could add some interesting meaning, also you need a snapshot - Feb 13 2006
nudder beach

Beaches and Oceans by tigerkitty2 1 comment

Butt, I don't think it makes a good wallpaper. Too much color, too bright and will drowned out everything in a big wave of color. However it's a good pic I'm not going to rate it bad.. Thanks for posting it! - Feb 13 2006
Nepal Redone KDE - Version I

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by NYCmitch25 4 comments

Thanks! I agree with you... I have to admit I'm proud of this one.. LOL - Feb 12 2006
Nepal Redone KDE - Version I

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by NYCmitch25 4 comments

One snapshot is of the wallpaper centered and scaled to fit full screen (1024x768), the other is just tiled at 1024x768.. - Feb 12 2006

Wallpaper Other by moschme 10 comments

One hell of a picture! The only thing I don't like are the footprints in the snow.. perhaps cropping that out would be a good idea ???

ps where is this ? - Feb 12 2006
Mountains near Georgeville

Mountains by jfjuneau 2 comments

wow, really! with a digital camera!! ok Just kidding but I guess I'm not liking the industrial feel to the picture perhaps you can find a nice picture of just the mtns. after a fresh snow or something ? - Feb 12 2006
Guamá River (sunset)

Wallpaper Other by rdglinux 1 comment

has the date/time in the photo! boo! - Nov 18 2005