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Cursors 25 comments

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Jul 20 2016
Cheers! - May 03 2020
Thanks! - Aug 26 2016
Glad you like it! :) - Aug 02 2016
There you go! I added a new theme similar to the older one (Translucent 2).

I think you were right about the change coming from the way the elements were layered. The 87.5% multiplier was incorrectly applied twice on some cursors and at some point I fixed it. - Jan 18 2015
Okay, the two new icons are ready. I'm waiting for you to tell me what opacity you'd like and I'll publish the update. - Jan 17 2015
I didn't customize those two because I honestly don't know what they are there for and I have never encountered them (I kept the default x_cursor one but the pirate one is missing, I'll fix that).
I could create Ardoise versions if it's a problem (see my answer to your previous comment). - Jan 17 2015
I have been using the translucent variant continuously since the beginning and I have not noticed that change.

But I can make a more translucent one, no problem. Take a look at translucent.svg in the sources and tell me what % you would like. It's applied to the groups that contain the edge and the background, and it's currently set to 87.5%. - Jan 17 2015
Thanks for the feedback. It should be fixed now. - Jul 25 2014
Whoops! It should be fixed now. Thanks for taking the time to let me know :) - Jul 20 2014

Plasma Themes 34 comments

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Mar 01 2020
It worked flawlessly! Thanks! - Apr 09 2019
In the Files tab during the product editing process. I select a file, a progress bar goes up to 100%, then nothing happens. Last year, when it still worked, the new entry within the list of files will then have the progress bar replaced by fields to input a name of the uploaded file. This no longer happens. I can change any other field, but uploaded files never get processed by the server. I tried with cookies allowed, in Falkon and Firefox, but there is no visible impact. - Apr 08 2019
Thanks for your interest. I updated metadata.desktop accordingly. This site still will not let me upload anything. - Apr 08 2019
The easiest way is through System Settings. - Dec 22 2017

Yeah, the icons seem to be unpopular. Most screenshots made by users I've seen have them replaced with icons from another theme. Are they confusing, unusable, too big, plain ugly? - Jul 29 2016
Whoops! Thanks for reporting it.
I just updated the theme to fix that. Please let me know if it works for you. - Mar 27 2016
I just tested it and I can confirm north- etc. prefixes are respected under Plasma 5.4.3 and have been since at least 5.4.0.

See Marco Martin's response here:

-mini prefixes are deprecated, north-, west-, east- and south- are not, but they aren't displayed properly unless all parts for that prefix are in the file. The glitch reported by sumski was caused by that little detail. If e.g. north-topleft isn't present in the theme, then north-bottomleft isn't drawn. I fixed it by simply adding dummy elements for every missing id. - Nov 28 2015
Panels still use north- west- etc. prefixes for me. What changed since Plasma 4 is that you now need to include all nine parts of the panels, including the ones which are never displayed (like north-top, west-left, etc) or else it doesn't work properly. - Nov 28 2015
At long last, here comes a workaround. I hope it works for you as well. - Sep 11 2015
Okay, it turns out -mini elements are not supported by Plasma 5. I'll provide an update in a few days. - Jul 14 2015
Confirmed, but only under Plasma 5. The plasma5 version of the theme run by Plasma 4 (which uses the exact same source svg for the panels) doesn't have that problem.

It also affects west panels.

It seems Plasma 5 doesn't draw the north-bottom element (but still allocates room for it) and ignores -mini elements altogether. The documentation for Plasma 5 mentions -mini prefixes so I don't think the feature was removed. I'll file a bug report.

In the meantime, you can replace widgets/panel-background.svg with
You'll lose the gradients but it'll work better.

Thanks for letting me know! - Jul 13 2015
Thanks for the kind word!

I personally use a dark color scheme based on Obsidian Coast, but Velours should work fine with a light color scheme as well. The Breeze widget theme doesn't work very well with dark color schemes though, it's clear it was designed with only light colors in mind. Oxygen looks fine either way.
As for window decorations, I stick with Oxygen or Breeze as they offer the most customization options (and Oxygen allows tabbed windows).

So I guess I don't really have anything in particular to suggest. - Jul 12 2015
Okay, I gave it a shot and it seems Clementine doesn't use the icon provided by the plasma theme. If you know a plasma theme that overrides it, please tell me.

I think the same is true for the ownCloud client, but its monochrome icon (you can turn it on in the settings) integrates nicely already. - May 18 2015
Sure! I should have time to add these by next week. - May 18 2015
I made the icons myself specially for the launchers I keep in the panel and a few others (like KMail), they're not part of any specific theme (those in the desktop widget are from Breeze though). - Mar 26 2015
Thanks for the kind word!
I've been working on it a lot since the last release and I was about to release an update yesterday, but something went wrong and I lost almost everything. I'm currently trying to repair what was lost and I should be able to release it in a couple of weeks. - Oct 31 2014
Velours look-and-feel

Global Themes 2 comments

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Nov 12 2016
Good on you. This is neither a splash screen nor KDE4-related. What gives? - Mar 24 2017
Racy For Plasma 5

Plasma Themes 16 comments

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Dec 28 2015
I filed a feature request : - Dec 28 2015
I just did some testing and it turns out the text shadow turns black if the color ForegroundNormal in [Colors:Window] in the colors file is set to anything above 192,192,192. Setting it to 193,193,193 (the darkest monochrome color allowed) seemed to work nicely with your theme, although you might think it goes against your vision. - Dec 27 2015