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by beam
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Nov 03 2009

I haven't yet managed to compile it but so far it looks promising.

Do you know Kbibtex and cb2bib? Perhaps it would be good to chat about future enhancements, interactions etc. - I don't suggest to merge these packages but to smoothen the interactions of these very handy packages and profit from each others knowledge.

now I tackle my qt3 error messages to finally run Kbib ,-) - Jun 19 2006

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Feb 12 2007

whats up with it is the french part of

cheers, martin - Feb 23 2006

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Nov 07 2006
great app, but I haven't managed to do a backup on our server. When adding an IP (incl/excl. smb and/or username) nothing happens. Can you provide a help/FAQ etc. how to achieve a remote backup? thanks! - Jan 15 2006

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Aug 11 2015

Kbibtex is what I am looking for, however if I import my *.bib file only 1/3 of the entries are listed -- in my case all entries with IDs up to "H*".

I added a link for each entry between bibtex entry and the corresponding pdf in the bibtex file. I would be very handy to have a "download pdf from local db" function in Kbibtex. Then I can search entries and open/mail the corresponding pdf.

thanks for this useful tool, cheers Oggi - Aug 18 2005
Kim (Kde Image Menu)

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Feb 23 2009
your tool is very handy and I use it a lot. I would be great if you could add some features in the "images in pdf" function.

- images covering the full extent of the pdf
- images covering just the left half and metainfos are displayed on the right half of the pdf

thanks for this nifty program! - Jul 04 2005
Office document to pdf

Dolphin Service Menus 9 comments

by tanm
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May 03 2005
thanks, now it's working - great work! - May 06 2005

thanks for this nifty piece of software, it would be very useful however it does not work for me. The command is printing instead of converting the file to a pdf. (might be useful as well ,-) )

I copied it to .kde/.../konqueror/servicemenus and checked the soffice which is located in the same path as yours.

But in psprint.conf no [PDF converter] entry could be found, shall I add it manually or shall I run OO Administration? Which command should I add for pdf device?

any advice is highly appreciated, thanks, Oggi - May 04 2005