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Olibia Tsati Athens, Greece
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Oct 07 2009
These are the colors I used:

Gradient: Light - a7bce2
Dark - 5077b1

Stroke: 1f538b

When I set the colors for the gtk theme, I just use tho color picker an an icon.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you want. - Jun 29 2009
Don't wory about that. It is the same thing. I was planning to make some little changes (color combinations) on the violet set and then name it 1.1. But I decided to not change anything, so it remained 1.0. - Jun 27 2009
It's called nine and you can find it here: - Jun 26 2009
Thanks a lot! - Jun 03 2009
Erectus v1.0 ( is released and this issue, as many others, is fixed.
Chromo-Erectus v1.0 will be soon available. - May 29 2009
You have to put icon theme on /usr/share/icons to have the theme loaded on apps running as root. - Apr 23 2009
why not! what brown do you mean? sth like meliae-dust or lighter? - Apr 09 2009
Thanks a lot! - Apr 04 2009
Thanks, I will use them for now, but they will be replaced when the erectus icon theme will be completed.
Thanks again! - Mar 19 2009
Thanks! I hope your nieces like it.
I'm glad I motivated you to create the purple version of your icons before summer! - Mar 19 2009
Dean icon theme

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Aug 31 2009
Very nice icon set, but the favourites icon looks out of place cause it misses the glossy effect.
Keep up the good work! - Mar 19 2009

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Sep 01 2009
I don't really like the ubuntu color scheme too, so I'm working on the other colors. The packages will be soon available. - Mar 15 2009

Full Icon Themes
by jonian

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Mar 15 2009