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Oliver Joos , Switzerland
Comix Cursors

Cursors by jlue 313 comments

Hi Jens,
Sounds great! When you finish it, I'll be glad to test it, and to help spreading the word among the Ubuntu community so they can make correct use of your build flags.
+++ Oliver - Nov 30 2011
Comix Cursors

Cursors by jlue 313 comments

Hi Jens!
Sorry for the delay. I finally found time to play with your ComixCursors sources - really nice to build them from vector formats!

I tried your suggestion of changing HAIR="..." in the *.CONFIG. By using very saturated, medium-bright colors like a full red (#ff0000) the text cursors are indeed visible on bright AND dark backgrounds! But such patched cursors look a bit "off-topic".

So I changed text.svg and text-vertical.svg to look like my first proposal on Launchpad. On bright backgrounds the new result (apart from -Huge variants) looks nearly like one single black hairline, whereas on dark backgrounds the faint but bright line in the middle becomes visible. Please give it a try! (see new attachment on

I only tweaked the text cursors. I think the crosshair has to stay pixel-precise and is rarely used both over dark Terminals and white Textfields anyway. Setting HAIR="..." is prefectly ok for that.

I understand that Launchpad is not suitable to discuss ComixCursors and prefer a more direct communication. But Ubuntu uses dark themes by default recently, and I consider it a bug to ship default ComixCursors with barely visible text cursors. One solution could be a special -dark package (or - if you like my proposal - to upgrade to a future release of comixcursors ;-). If you don't agree I'll close the Launchpad bug immediately - you are the author, you rule.

And please tell me how I can contribute files directly other than attaching them to Launchpad.

With regards, Oliver - Nov 21 2011
Comix Cursors

Cursors by jlue 313 comments

I use comixcursors for years and really like it. Recently terminal output tends to be more colorful by default (grep, ,ls, nano, ...). To improve contrast to brighter colors I changed terminal background to black. Now the comixcursors text pointer is hardly visible (only two small dots) when it is over a terminal. The same problem occurs over black webpages, and I guess with dark themes in general.

I attached an image how it could be improved at - Sep 08 2011
Comix Cursors

by jlue

Nov 21 2011