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Mike Mike Hancock Nevermind, United States of America
Info Scheme

Karamba & Superkaramba by Onykage 3 comments

Thanks (=

I was hoping some people would appreciate that aspect. Im glad you guys seem to like this scheme. I will try to post up some other nifty plugins in the near future. - Aug 21 2006

Text Editors by mikmak 12 comments

having a problem with the configure.

checking lua.h usability... yes
checking lua.h presence... yes
checking for lua.h... yes
checking lualib.h usability... yes
checking lualib.h presence... yes
checking for lualib.h... yes
checking for lua_open in -llua50... no
checking for lua_open in -llua... no
configure: error: Lua 5.0 libraries were not found !

i have the most current lua libs isntalled. And to double check i re-installed the newest packages from which is 5.1.1

I didnt look in your configure and try to fix the problem myself because i was affraid that doing so might make the install no function properly, or as in a prior comment cause another error.

Im running FC5 with the newest KDE.

any ideas? - Aug 10 2006
Hell Hath No Fury... BSD

Wallpapers BSD by Babel_double 1 comment

very not bad.. - Aug 08 2006
tux married couple

Wallpapers Linux/Tux by Tuxiline 4 comments

Nice.. lol thats cute =) - Aug 04 2006
H2 - amarok control

Karamba & Superkaramba by darkclown 7 comments

I wouldnt worry about the (c) and TM stuff. Valve would probably be really proud of that. Only thing that they would say if anything at all is "want a job?". Atleast thats what i think anyway. Very Nice Artwork. - Aug 04 2006
XP Royale Makeover

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by jestersmurf 16 comments

You cats Flame away at the artwork posted here. But at the same time your ranting it, your burning bandwidth downloading it to probably use it anyay. The most popular question ive seen on here is why copy windows. Well, let me fill you porch monkey's in on real world activities. Windows occupies 92% of the world OS market. Linux is dieing. The only way we will ever get linux on the upside is to make it look and function like something its not. Fedora, linspire just to rattle some names off are distros doing exactly that. Making linux more vanilla and easier to use. So my advice to you is this. Unistall linux and migrate to Windows. Because the linux comunity doesnt have room for mindless retards that hide behind a computer and play the "I have a bigger net dick' game. Linux was built on presteige and security. The abram tank. So with all that in mind, why dont all you flames migrate, or goto a site like themexp and dog on their artwork, cus this community needs are the eye candy it can get. - Aug 04 2006