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√∂zkan pakdil istanbul, Turkey
Webcam & Monitoring
qt webcam viewer - V4lCapture

Webcam & Monitoring 11 comments

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Jul 17 2010
I guess best solution is to move the code from main.cpp to the next form which should open webcam. - Dec 11 2011
sound like you dont have codec to write mp4 file. but I am not sure you may disable volume and try it again. - Oct 22 2010
thanks for the feedback. I check the mandelbrot and reimplement mycode same way. it looks pretier :) anyway and open a new open source project for this matter. and you can reach the project via here

or here

it does not crashes anymore but somehow I break the libv4l part I am not sure about it :) it can save videos anyway:) - Jul 17 2010
thanks for the feedback.

its not a suprise to me. sometime my all usb devices just dies and I start pulling and plugging them till they get better :) and that situation does not related to my app. when my app gaves that error it just dissapperas. - Jun 21 2010