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Orestes Mas Barcelona

Education Apps by orestes1965 11 comments

Good news! Many thanks for the link.

- Dec 08 2013

Education Apps by orestes1965 11 comments

Sorry for the late response: I was on holidays.

Thanks for packing it and for your encouragement words. The last 2 months I have been busy with other things, with no much time to devote to Lekture, but I plan to work on it this fall, with a roadmap that include:

- Code stabilisation & bug fixing
- Replacing gstreamer 0.10 dependency with gstreamer 1.0. this implies getting rid of QtGstreamer, a very useful travel companion, but sadly it only supports gstreamer 0.10 at present.
- Preparing the app to meet the KDE requirements to publish it as an official app.

- Also, I've lots of ideas to enhance the application's features and usefulness, but maybe it's better to go step by step.

Meanwhile, I hope this app it's useful for someone. - Aug 23 2013

Education Apps by orestes1965 11 comments

Thank you for your encouragement, and for this bug reporting.

I've fixed the bug. It came from another code I adapted without noticing the bug because it compiles on my system.

Tablet support is already present, as I'm doing all developing and testing using a Wacom Cintiq 12X, and I've testes it with other wacom tablets as well.

But please notice that for lekture to work correctly with a wacom tablet, KDE has to correctly detect and support it. On my debian (wheezy) system this implies that package "kde-config-tablet" must be installed. Doing that will make appear a "graphic tablet" option in your system settings, section "input devices". - Nov 18 2012

Education Apps by orestes1965 11 comments

Hi anderslund

Thank you very much for your comments. Please note that this program is in a very early stage of development and many things are still hard-coded. I plan to make most things configurable through settings, but although I try to work on lekture regularly, often real life tend to absorb most of my time. So please be patient.

But please continue to share your comments, because they are very helpful as they allow me make lekture better.

Looking at your problems: it seems that old versions of "avconv" didn't recognise the "showregion" parameter. I'm using avconv version 0.8.3 from debian packages, and with this version "showregion" works well.

This option shows a dotted line around the screen area being captured, but in fact isn't necessary at all. You can delete it, but at this moment you have to edit the sources. Sorry for that. You can simply delete line 137 of file src/recorddockwidget.cpp (the one with
Quote:recordingProcess << "-show_region" << "1";

After this, recompile and try again.
- Nov 18 2012

Science by matteo81 59 comments

Newest GIT code didn't compile for me (either in a Kubuntu Lucid and in a Kubuntu Maverick):

/home/orestes/dev/cirkuit/src/widgets/templatechoosedialog.cpp: In member function ‘void TemplateChooseDialog::uploadTemplate()’:
/home/orestes/dev/cirkuit/src/widgets/templatechoosedialog.cpp:156: error: ‘class KNS3::UploadDialog’ has no member named ‘setDescription’
make[2]: *** [src/widgets/CMakeFiles/cirkuitwidgets.dir/templatechoosedialog.o] Error 1
make[1]: *** [src/widgets/CMakeFiles/cirkuitwidgets.dir/all] Error 2
make: *** [all] Error 2 - Mar 02 2011

Science by matteo81 59 comments

Mmmm... Compilation failed on a Kubuntu Maverick, but I've just tested it on a Kubuntu Lucid and went ok.

Perhaps a Qt issue? Lucid have Qt 4.6.2 and Maverick have Qt 4.7.0 - Dec 04 2010

Science by matteo81 59 comments

I downloaded source (v0.3) code directly from your web, and it didn't compile.

Problem was lack of "#include <QImage>" on top of "graphicsgenerator.h"

Thanks for your software. - Dec 03 2010

Video Apps by jbm 77 comments

I've just compiled and installed the last kdenlive 0.7beta, and all is working well. I've used the kdenlive kommander script ( to download, compile and install kdenlive and its dependencies, so i'd recommend this way to unexperienced users.

This version looks more professional and seems a bit more stable than the 0.6 series, and has great new features, so many thanks to developers for their work! - Oct 08 2008