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siarhei kuchynski Minsk, Belarus
SteampunK Light Color Scheme

Plasma Color Schemes 3 comments

Score 67.1%
Mar 30 2013
Thank you very much for the feedback. I found it quite difficult to create a color scheme other than black-and-white based that will look good for all applications as there are a lot of application that use their own scheme or even mix their with system's making it unusable in some ways. So I was really hoping for some feedback that will help me to improve original scheme. If you are currently using this color scheme and want to help me improve it, you can play with different colors instead of the one you didn't like and let me know of the results. - Jul 15 2014
SteampunK Cursor Theme

Cursors 4 comments

Score 68.0%
Oct 06 2013
Thank you for the first feedback comment on this :) I added this outline to make cursor more visible on brown-yellow backgrounds. Removing it will require quite a time since almost all cursors are animated, but if users feel it better without outline, I'll consider removing it. - Dec 01 2013
SteampunK Yakuake Skin

Yakuake Skins 11 comments

Score 71.7%
May 17 2013
I think there is no need to extract file. Just go to Configure Yakuake > Appearance > Install and then select downloaded file - May 21 2013
I think there is no need to extract file. Just go to Configure Yakuake > Appearance > Install and then select downloaded file - May 21 2013
I think there is no need to extract file. Just go to Configure Yakuake > Appearance > Install and then select downloaded file - May 21 2013
What do you think about the new version? I added border and made skin larger. - May 19 2013
Thank you for the feedback and the tip with stylesheet.
Yes, border is a very nice thing to have, but, unfortunately, there is a problem with theming border with yakuake. Border in yakuake is specified only with color and width, so it is not themeable using images. And when border is added it shifts left and right parts of the tabs area toward the center. So to add border, I will need to merge single color and gradient picture to look nice, but will try to.
BTW, what would you like to change in this theme? I was worried about the size and the readability of the signs on the buttons in normal state, but decided to upload to gather feedback. - May 08 2013
SteampunK Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes 10 comments

Score 70.0%
May 17 2013
Actually, I am working on Yakuake theme right now :) It won't look like the panel in plymouth, but it will inherit style from the other parts of the steampunk theme - Apr 29 2013
There is already some password-question functionality, but have not tested it as I'm not using it myself. Could you please point me to some scripted plymouth splash that has such functionality, so I can take a look? - Mar 27 2012
SteampunK Plasma Theme

Plasma Themes 13 comments

Score 73.8%
May 17 2013
Thank you :) I'm glad you liked it. Yes, fonts are very important to make theme look and feel right. I will try your advice, thanks! - Apr 16 2013
Yes, I was planning Yakuake theme. I'll check if is possible to theme items you mentioned. - Apr 03 2013
Thank you for your feedback! I'll check what could it be with KRunner. I had no such issue on my Kubuntu 12, but I saw this on another PC with ArchLinux.
You are right, pager and middle bar are not themed yet. I'll do this in the next update.
If application used setIconByName function, its icon in tray can be themed. I'll check if it is so for ktp. If there any other icons for tray that you would like to be themed, please let me know. - Apr 02 2013
SteampunK Color Scheme

Plasma Color Schemes 7 comments

Score 74.0%
Mar 30 2013
I'm glad you liked it. Actually, I didn't think about light plasma theme as initially I wanted to make all items of one style with steampunk look - background dark wood and foreground yellow metal. But dark color theme seemed not very confortable for eyes for everyday use. So I created light color/QtCurve theme that feels more comfortable but still look steampunk. Now I use it in this way - light windows/colors and dark plasma/wallpaper. They still look fine together, IMHO. But after your feedback I may consider making light one. - Apr 02 2013
Thank you very much for feedback. Yes, sometimes any color scheme that is different from usual (light background, dark font color) has difficulties with certain programs, that has not-customizable background with customizable font color or vice versa. I ran LibreOffice and saw that it used white background despite selected dark color theme and golden font color. Do you have any idea, how I could fix that? - Apr 02 2013
SteampunK QtCurve theme

QtCurve 13 comments

Score 76.3%
May 17 2013
It is because I used the same color for window text and button text. Some of the buttons have the color of window background (they don't look like buttons until you hover mouse over them), so I needed something that is contrast to both button color and window color. However, I can change button color.
Could you please go to Color Settings/Colors/Common Colors and set Button Background color to #FFEED0. Will it look better? Or may be you have better proposition? I just made this scheme, so haven't worked with it much, so any feedback is more than welcome. - Dec 15 2012
For now, I'm not thinking about it. I'm not a designer at all, while drawing icons requires some artistic talent :) May be I'll search for icons that will look fine on this theme set after I finish Plasma theme - Sep 24 2012
Not offended :) I created it to have windows colored as the rest of Steam-Powered Linux themed elements and on my desktop it looks fine.
But of course with other wallpapers, color schemes and applications on another desktop it may look not so good.
Could you please tell what is that you don't like in this theme? - Jan 15 2012
SteampunK KSplash Theme

KDE 4 Splashscreens 38 comments

Score 87.0%
Jan 15 2012
Thank you! I hope I will find time to make some improvements to it and add other parts to suite - Aug 09 2012
You have this error message, because older KDE (4.4 and earlier) do not support JPG files in KSplash. I used JPGs to minimize theme size, because PNG files are too big. You could update KDE or save JPG files as PNG and update corresponding file names in description.txt from *.jpg to *.png. - May 21 2012
I haven't tested on Dual Screen configurations and don't know why it may happen yet. KSplash engine is very limited, that's why most of KSplash themes are quite simple. I tried to get the best result, but it is possible that in some cases engine does not work in a way I expected. Do other themes work fine? - May 20 2012
Please run "ksplashx SteampunK --test". It should give some error message - May 20 2012
Hi, it is strange that it wasn't able to load JPG. I tested my themes on different versions of Kubuntu and Archlinux and no problems were encountered. It is possible that KSplash and KDM engines use some library to load images and it failed to load JPGs for some reason.
BTW, nice wallpaper :) Currently, I'm rendering wallpapers that should fit my steampunk theme. One will look like current background image, but with "motion-blurred" gears that represent fully loaded state and the other is simple wooden texture with golden ornaments. I'm also planning to add some kind of logo in center, but not too happy with the result for now :) - Feb 07 2012
It is strange that my theme doesn't work on Kubuntu, because it was developed under Kubuntu :)
What is not working exactly? I hope I can help you with getting it to work. Are there any error messages when you run "ksplashx SteampunK --test"? - Feb 06 2012
I'm glad you liked it. Yes, there were issues, but they became obvious only after update. I had to simplify animations to work the same on different KSplash versions, but I'm fine with the result. - Jan 17 2012
Nice idea. I think I can implement something like that :) - Nov 02 2011
Thanks! For animation I used unbiased renderer (LuxRender) that takes almost a day to render one frame in acceptable quality, while there are 30 of them. I suppose, if I add letters even for major distributions, it will take more time than I can spare. But! I suppose I may replace "Kubuntu" letters with neutral words like "Loading" and "Steam Powered" :) However, the center element of theme is in fact animated Kubuntu logo. If it is not a problem, I will try to find time to change words and re-render animation.
Also I want to create another OS-neutral steampunk theme, inspired by steampunk style itself (this one was inspired by gears in Kubuntu logo). This is just an idea for now, because I'm doing it in spare time and I don't have it much now. I will try to estimate how people like such style judging on rating for this theme. - Jun 01 2011
In fact KSplash abilities are quite simple. It just plays animation frames based on parts of PNG file. In addition to rendering animation, I had to write scripts that created such PNG files for each animated element. In fact, I wasn't even sure, that KSplash will be able to play such huge files fast enough to be useful. I reduced number of colors to 256 in animation files, so they occupy less space, while trying to keep their original look. Now you can see the result :)
It took a lot of my spare time, but I hope the result worth it :) - May 29 2011
I have provided another link to this file. Please, try it instead - May 29 2011
SteampunK KDM Theme

KDM4 Themes 38 comments

Score 82.0%
May 17 2013
Well, I could try, but don't know where to put user list so it will fit theme. If I need to change something of existing elements, I'll have to re-render animations for it. - Jul 20 2012
I've updated this one and other packages for steampunk theme to have CC BY-SA license :) - Jul 07 2012
Just wanted to keep it non commercial, so I think I can change license to CC BY-NC-SA or similar. Will it be free enough? :) - Jul 06 2012
I've spent weeks of my own free time to get this done. I'm not sure word 'laziness' could be used here :) If I have time I will make PNG only version for older KDE. - May 21 2012
For background images I used JPGs. PNG version of this theme is several times bigger. - May 21 2012
Thanks for the feedback! I will try to resolve this problem when I have opportunity to make a dual display configuration or at least find some document on how it can be done in KDM theme. - Aug 28 2011
Run the following command from console:
ksplashx SteampunK --test
Is there any error message?
What is your display resolution? Do you have problems with other themes? - Aug 03 2011
Don't know why it may not work. What screen resolution do you have? Do you have problems with KDM or with KSplash also? - Aug 03 2011
Thank you very much for details. I understand why it may work in such a way, but don't know why it works correctly in some places with overlap while failing in others.
BTW, do you have the same problem in overlapping area of lights.png and gears.png?
I have almost prepared distro-neutral version of this theme, so if I have time, I will test it on your resolutions also. If I am able to reproduce this issue, I will try to fix it. - Jul 13 2011
I've noticed similar problems in other overlapped animations and had to change these animations so they do not overlap, but dynamo and lamps are working fine on my system. May be it is some problem of KSplash engine. Can you provide more detailed description of your system, like OS, screen resolution? - Jul 11 2011
Yes,my main target is KSplash. KDM background is just one frame of animation required for KSplash - Jun 09 2011
It is in progress. I have already replaced Kubuntu words with "Loading" and "Steam-powered Linux" and changed gears in the center so it looks less similar to Kubuntu logo now. You have only to wait until animation is re-rendered (a couple of weeks I suppose) :) - Jun 08 2011
Thanks! I'm glad you like it :) - May 29 2011
I have provided another link to this file. Please, try it instead - May 29 2011