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Michael Lhomme , France
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Apr 07 2015
I've made some tests with the minimalist layout, but I wasn't able to obtain something I liked, so no change for 0.3 ;) Feel free to send some mockup if you have something in mind - Mar 04 2015
Seems we reached the max indent level of kde-apps comments, I can't answer to your last comment ;)

I pushed the new option to truncate the device name, it gives a nice and short display!

For the second point, I don't see what you mean ?

And for the question, drive label change color to red (well, the errorColor color) if the unit is failing. I updated the README, there is a small part at the end about testing the monitoring feature with a fake raid array. - Feb 23 2015

I've pushed new commits on the master branch, shrinking is working better and there is also some changes to reduce screen space usage. The toolbar has gone (actions are in the context menu) and you can choose from different layout in the applet configuration (big, small and minimalistic).

I'm not releasing a new version now as I have some cleanup and doc to do, but you can already test the new features if you wish - Feb 23 2015
I forgot to update the README, for packaging I use :


Please remove the build dir and try to recompile using

it's more likely related to the install location of the qml plugin (files qmldir and

On my Arch box, they're installed in /usr/lib/qt/qml/org/papylhomme/diskmonitor, I can find other KDE5 related plugins in /usr/lib/qt/qml/org/kde/... Where are they located on your side ? - Feb 21 2015
Thanks for the feedback, hope you'll enjoy the applet too ;) - Feb 16 2015

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Mar 15 2015
Just upgraded to 0.2.3 and it's ok for me. Next time I'll try to provide a patch sooner ;)

Thx - Oct 07 2009

just to mention a problem (?) with the yearSince value : when the related event is for the next year, the value is still computed with the current year. This is a bit dissapointing as it result in a bad "%yearSince% years old" value.

I don't know if this is the wanted behavior, but in case it isn't, here is a patch (created with version 0.2.1) :

--- src/applet/eventmodel.cpp.ORIG 2009-08-29 09:21:32.000000000 +0200
+++ src/applet/eventmodel.cpp 2009-08-29 09:28:41.000000000 +0200
@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@
data.insert(SummaryPos, values["summary"]);
data.insert(DescriptionPos, values["description"]);
data.insert(LocationPos, values["location"]);
- int n = QDate::currentDate().year() - values["startDate"].toDate().year();
+ int n = eventDtTime.toDate().year() - values["startDate"].toDate().year();
data.insert(YearsSincePos, QVariant(QString::number(n)));
data.insert(BirthdayOrAnniversayPos, QVariant(values["isBirthday"].toBool() || values["isAnniversary"].toBool()));
- Oct 04 2009
Just forget this comment, everything is working.

After some hacking in the plasmoid sources, I realized that Akonadi wasn't listing birthdays : Kontact was configured to use its own birthday's resource and that's why I was confused. After adding the Akonadi birthdays agent, they appeared magically in the applet.

So finally, really great plasmoid ! Thanks for your job. - Aug 25 2009
This plasmoid is wonderful, but I have a 'small' problem with it : currently I have multiple calendar resources (all in remote ical), but only one is shown in the applet.

I had a look to the code, but it looks like every calendar's items should be retrieved. I have also tried to remove the displayed resource, but the applet is empty (like if no resources are present). Any idea to solve this issue ?
- Aug 25 2009
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by panzi

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Apr 18 2011

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Apr 18 2011

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Apr 18 2011
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Apr 18 2011

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Aug 25 2009