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Plasma Splashscreens by paul-stockwell 2 comments

it is an animated splash screen that shows progress of system startup after login until the desktop is loaded. finished picture as above. - Jan 08 2020
Oxygen-Future Look and Feel

Global Themes by paul-stockwell 2 comments

Hi Vistaus. I found a problem with the Oxygen plasma look and feel locking up and tracked it down to a problem with Air desktop. So I changed to Breeze desktop and then set icons window styles colours etc. To try produce a more traditional look rather than the flat monochrome appearance of the native Breeze look and feel that PClinuxOS Loads. Non of that was difficult to do but I didn't like any of the splash screens on offer and embarked on rewriting an old splash called Hand Splash Scan. Doing that has inspired me to start working on other elements so I hope to work from Oxygen-Future Look and feel towards Future look and feel. In the mean time my aim is to try to make sure everything works as it should.
(Still loads to learn though as I didn't even know what QML was two weeks ago) - Feb 11 2018