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GTK3 Themes 7 comments

by rtl88
Score 75.0%
Jun 26 2020
Black is to black for me personally and again those ugly dotted lines in the scroll area's. - Jun 05 2020

GTK3 Themes 44 comments

Score 79.5%
Apr 18 2018
Please update this theme. - Jun 03 2020
by rtl88
Score 86.7%
1 day ago
Call me an old nag, but I still think you should remove the dotted lines in the scroll areas. They are useless and the themes look so much better without them, because you have some really awesome themes. - May 21 2020

GTK3 Themes 31 comments

Score 80.8%
Mar 30 2020
The last time I tried it everything is okay now. So thank you very much. - May 12 2020
No did not fix it, but thank you very much anyway. Logout, reboot did nothing. - Mar 30 2020
Fixed it, but I had to use the dark blue one because some parts were still blue, but that's not a big problem for me because I prefer the blue one anyway. Thanks very much for replying and your effort for trying. - Mar 26 2020
It's Peppermint 10 Respin (wich future is a bit uncertain because the main dev passed away) If you could fix it it would be great, if not thanks anyway;) - Mar 25 2020
This one is with the panel with no transparancy: - Mar 24 2020
There you go:
I forgot to mention that I'm not using Gnome DE. - Mar 24 2020
You did a awesome job even removed the dotted lines in the scroll earea's, but when I apply the dark ones not everything is dark. With not transparency the panel is white and when I hover the pointer above a icon it's white too. - Mar 24 2020

GTK3 Themes 25 comments

Score 66.7%
Jul 01 2020
It's LXDE. - Apr 11 2020
When applied the minimize, maximize and close buttons are very wide apart from each other and it lacks a wm-theme. I don't have a screenshot because I removed the theme. Thanks anyway. - Apr 11 2020

GTK3 Themes 117 comments

Score 88.0%
Apr 04 2020
Very nice, but it lacks a wm-theme. - Apr 11 2020
by rtl88
Score 88.8%
May 18 2020
I know. In this video it's explained how to remove them: - Mar 27 2020
Very nice, except for the dotted lines in the scroll earea's. Personally I find them very ugly and don't understand the use. - Mar 27 2020
Qogir theme

GTK3 Themes 387 comments

Score 89.9%
Jun 16 2020
Nice theme, except for the dotted lines in the scroll earea's. Personally I find them very ugly and don't understand the use. - Mar 27 2020
Matcha Gtk Theme

GTK3 Themes 157 comments

Score 83.8%
Jun 22 2019
Very nice except for the dotted lines in the scroll area's wich I know how to remove, but sadly this theme is not supported by Nemo file manager on Peppermint and thus can't remove them. - Oct 17 2019

Full Icon Themes 293 comments

Score 89.8%
2 days ago
oops apologies. We need edit option. - Oct 10 2019
I don't know what wnet wrong, but I treid again and now they are correct. Apoligies and thanks for such a great icon theme. - Oct 10 2019
I git cloned it from the github page. Papirus dark is not good. When I copy and paste it .icons and apply the icons they are white. So Itried the light one. It has the correct icons, but useless because I use a dark theme. - Oct 10 2019
Forgot to mention that I use the from Synaptic. Maybe that's why. Apparently those aren't updated? Thanks. - Oct 10 2019
My favorite. Firefox 70 stable will be available shortly. Can we expect an update wich has the new Firefox icon? - Oct 09 2019

Full Icon Themes 315 comments

Score 91.4%
Jun 28 2020
xfce4-panel 4.12.2 - Oct 10 2019
The one on the panel. - Oct 10 2019
Maybe. - Oct 10 2019
I downloaded the blue dark. Just downlaoded again the bleu dark. Now it installs but message that the Pulse audio icon was removed and there's no icons in Icon theme. - Oct 10 2019
No good. Corrupted file error. - Oct 07 2019
by rtl88
Score 87.3%
May 13 2020
Thanks, but no thanks. I stick with the Arc dark theme wich I modified, so it doesn't show the dotted lines in the scroll area's. - Oct 07 2019
I understand. Thanks anyway. - Oct 07 2019
And if you could remove the dotted lines in scroll area's as explained in this video:
,it would be perfect and you can expect a donation. - Oct 07 2019
Nice, but I don't like the black text. Should have been white like the original Arc theme. - Oct 06 2019
by rtl88
Score 87.5%
15 hours ago
Take your time and thanks in advance. - Oct 03 2019
I must be color blind then... - Oct 03 2019
I really like this theme except for the black. It's to dark for me personally. And I don't like the dotted lines in the scroll eareas. Can you remove those? I know a way how to remove those dotted lines, but sadly your theme is not supported by Nemo file manager on Peppermint so I can'r remove them. - Oct 03 2019

Full Icon Themes 784 comments

Score 89.3%
Apr 24 2020
I will have a look. Thanks. - Oct 03 2019
Awesome. Has all the icons except for guvcview. - Oct 03 2019

GTK3 Themes 57 comments

Score 84.5%
Jun 30 2020
Oops my bad found WM-theme. Sorry. - Sep 12 2019
No WM-theme? Next! - Sep 12 2019

GTK2 Themes 4 comments

Score 61.7%
Jul 16 2018
8 great Dotted lines when you scroll in for instance Gnome disks. - Jul 26 2019
I like it except for the dotted lines when you scroll in for instance file manager. You can remove them in the Arc theme, but not in this one becauese my file manager Nemo doesn't support this theme. Then it would be perfect. - Jul 26 2019

GTK2 Themes
by jaxonalv

Score 61.7%
8   Jul 26 2019
8 great Dotted lines when you scroll in for instance Gnome disks.