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Amarok 2.x Scripts 24 comments

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Oct 05 2011
Radio streams often blend songs, change the splitpoint, or other vagaries so that my captured songs are often truncated or "run together". For this reason whenever I use streamripper I always use the splitpoint offset option (--xs_offset=3000) and also buffer the beginning and ends of songs (--xs_padding=2500:2500) to make sure the entire song is captured. (I later edit the captured songs with Audacity.) My streamripper command therefore is:

streamripper --xs_offset=3000 --xs_padding=2500:2500

Would you mind adding the --xs_offset and --xs_padding options to the RecordStream script?

I love RecordStream (and use it with Amarok 2.5/KDE 4.8 in Kubuntu 12.04 without other problems). - Aug 13 2012
Atheist Quote Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions 31 comments

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Dec 29 2009
Ok, sorry.

Besides, I just found out about the time-honored Fortune *nix utility and the Fortunoid Plasma Widget which is a front end for it.

Fortune has lots and lots of quotation modules already. In addition, even Drupal and Wordpress have plugins for Fortune.

It is not very difficult to write a script to make Wikiquote pages into Fortune modules.

In Linux, it is never worthwhile to reinvent the wheel.

(Buddha might not be the greatest, in some opinions, but he is the most often quoted. Many now believe that Jesus may have been significantly influenced by Jewish traders from Ashoka's India, where Buddha's aphorisms were widely repeated.)

- Mar 25 2010
Ok, I looked at the code. This is rather childish. A proper widget ought to be written that is more consistent with Wikiquotes in general. - Mar 25 2010
Found it:

~/.kde/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/atheist-quote/contents/code - Mar 25 2010
Where is this file stored? - Mar 25 2010
This is a great idea, but too limited in implementation. Why just atheist quotes, and then by only a few selected authors?

The greatest atheist of all time was the Buddha, yet there are no quotes by him.

Wikiquotes is a fabulous resource, and there are much more interesting quotes there than the ones selected by this module.

Why not just add an option to display any page (or collection of pages) from Wikiquotes?

For the most part, Wikiquotes uses <li> lists, so the script is relatively easy to implement.

I like the other suggestions of implementing a time setting (in which to rotate quotations).

Also, the display of this module is unreadable with many themes (such as Nitro), and it is difficult to modify the display settings.

This module would be extremely popular were it more more customisable. - Mar 25 2010
Nature Disaster

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Dec 30 2008
This is a link to a compressed, offsite download. Be careful. - Dec 31 2008