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Jan 17 2017
seems fine on my LM17.3 virtualbox. You have three separate folders for each theme in ~/.themes or /usr/share/themes? - Jan 20 2017
you might be the first to ever comment on my alias \m/^.^

he would make an excellent prez...good music for all :)

about Labrie, I think the only time he has ever unleashed his full versatility is with Frameshift. DT thus far has underutilized him...except for maybe their latest :( - Jan 18 2017
First, thank you, second, this works with MATE? ...interesting - Jun 01 2016
MCE (or Royale, EnergyBlue, whatever its called) won't be that hard. It will only take slightly modified cinnamon, metacity, plus different images in the gtk components...fairly easy

Cinn10 will be a much bigger undertaking, especially considering that I have yet to even touch Win10 since it was released.

Either way, plz be patient, I do this in my spare time :) - Jan 23 2016
SCSS is way more concise and maintainable. If you look at the source code for adwaita, the output css files total ~500kB and the scss files used to create them only ~130kB. For those willing to learn the syntax it feels much like any other "real" programming language with reusable code and logic. You can basically make the equivalent of "functions" that can be "called," use if/then logic to decide what color make button rather than typing similar code 20 times, use for loops to iterate through a whole list of selectors, etc. All that means you can avoid ugly crap like this:

.toolbar .button.raised,
.toolbar .raised .button,
.toolbar .button.raised:hover,
.toolbar .raised .button:hover,
.primary-toolbar .raised .button,
.primary-toolbar .button.raised,
.primary-toolbar .raised .button:hover,
.primary-toolbar .button.raised:hover,
.toolbar GtkComboBox .button,
.toolbar GtkComboBox .button:hover,
.spinbutton.vertical .button,
.spinbutton.vertical .button:hover,
GtkSwitch.slider:active {
background-color: white;

There is a reason GNOME is using scss for adwaita and benevolently forcing its users to do the same for their own themes :D - Jan 15 2016
Perhaps. I will look into it - Dec 10 2015
SCSS is really powerful and allows one to express CSS in a more compact format...pretty sure Adwaita itself has ~10000 lines of CSS (both light and dark) but this requires <5000 lines of SCSS. I personally think it's better organized as well, for instance something like this in CSS:

a {
color: white;

a:hover {
color: black;

a b {
color: green;

can be written in SCSS as:

a {
color: white;
&:hover { color: black; }
b { color: green; }

There's also nice things like loops and if/then logic that can be used to further simplify things.

If you want to learn, the guide I used for all this was My advice would be to start playing with the original Adwaita SCSS (it's cleaner than mine) and see how any changes you make will affect the output (gtk-contained.css and gtk-contained-dark.scss)

- Nov 29 2015
woke up this morning to find my inbox had exploded, glad to see people like it - Nov 28 2015