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Florian Sievert Tespe, Germany
Configurable Button

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Mar 05 2020
Exactly how a plasmoid should be... flexible ;) - Jul 11 2019
Task Timer

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Feb 02 2014
I am currently using this plasmoid to stop the times working on different projects. These information needs to be extracted daily into an internal system and so each morning I have to reset all the tasks. So this basically means clicking a lot each morning to reset the timers each by each.

I would ask for a feature (small button bellow, configurable?) that allows to reset all tasks timers at once. I could imagine that others having similiar scenarios as well. - Oct 14 2013
Plasmoid for ebay item

Plasma 4 Extensions 27 comments

by nms
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Jul 27 2011
Very nice that finally someone realize this idea. It is actually that there is a lot of plasmoids that does not have a real benefit, however I think something like this has a very big potencial. Maybe some more generic using Plugins ... I could imagine that now only ebay would be interesting, but also something to watch amazon prices etc. - Sep 04 2010
Photo of the Day

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Dec 04 2010
Packages for F13 64bit-can be found at:
32bit will follow after the official release of F13. - May 22 2010
Socket Sentry

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Aug 01 2010
You mean the option "Host pair and program"? This option is already activated, but does not solve the problem here. Fedora is currently in pre-beta phase and ktorrent is running to share its images. So I have lots of ktorrent entried listed there, I guess this is because the other host is always different. However glad to see its in the bug tracker.

Its already a great tool... finally I know how much traffic amarok is actually causing when listing to internet radio ;D - Apr 04 2010
it should be easy to implement and makes this plasmoid even more useful: The user should be able to add filter on programs that should not be enlisted in the view. For example, if one process is having lots of connections, but you are not interested in its connecton, you have an unreadable long list. Adding several filters would be a great benefit, I think :) - Apr 03 2010
Sorry, to interfer. I am maintaining a fedora repository and also packages this plasmoid. Maybe you want to check:

Please note that these packages are only tested briefly. i686 is completly untested. However on my machine this plasmoid is working quite fine. (KDE 4.4.1). - Apr 02 2010

System Software 1026 comments

by Sho
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Mar 28 2018
Just want to say, that this is a extremly cool awesome application! For quite a while, I never asked myself, if there would be something like "awesome" just with the comfort of KDE. Keep up the good work. :) - Mar 29 2010
Tux Eyes

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by tibot
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Feb 23 2010
Fedora 12 packages for this plasmoid are available under: - Feb 28 2010
Star Field Plasma Wallpaper

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Jan 20 2013
It's a KDE 4.2.95 from Gentoo KDE Testing. I really could use a timer to reproduce it. Looks also like it is not a problem with the theme... they colors might vary, but I can reproduce it with "tragedy" and "luft". I am using only a systemmonitor for hardware and bubblemon as additional non standard plasmoids.

For the logs... just kill plasma "kquitapp plasma-desktop" and call "plasma-desktop" from a konsole. You can see its message then. - Jul 16 2009

I am running this plugin using a self-compiled version under Gentoo. After about 3-5 Minuten, suddenly the whole plasma desktop ist getting crazy and several parts seems not to be redrawn. The log is showing repeatly:

QPainter::setCompositionMode: Painter not active
QPainter::end: Painter not active, aborted
QPainter::begin: Paint device returned engine == 0, type: 3

If the plugin is deactivated, everything seems to run stable. Any ideas? - Jul 15 2009
Weather Wallpaper Plugin

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Apr 07 2009
I did the fedora package and can confirm that it doesn't seems to work anymore. However, it did ... even yesterday.

My best guess is currently that there are troubles with the qt 4.5.1 update from yesterday. It introduced plenty of nasty problem and lots plasmoids are not working the way they should. Can you please check, if you already did update the package on your system also? - Apr 25 2009

Amarok 1.x Scripts 32 comments

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Dec 29 2008
As far as I understand external calls are possible, just via qtscript. I didn't look to deep into it, but did a small test via the amarok console script executing:

var q = new QProcess();

And it seems to work. Should be possible to execute streamripper on this way. I might look deeper into it someday, but it would be great to see this script ported to amarok 2.0 soon. It is definitly one of my favorite ones and currently deeply missed! :) - Jan 05 2009
K Birthday Reminder

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Jan 01 2014
Thanks for your comment and sorry, that I reply so late. Everything seems to work fine now. Looks like something went broken with may kaddressbook while updating to an own trunk version of kde 4.2. I recreated the addressbook and everything works as expected.

By the way, I added your plasmoid as an rpm package for fedora 9:
64bit version might follow at weekend. - Oct 28 2008
I build the plasmoid for fedora 9 and tried to use it. However, the plasmoid is completly black. Using the plasmaengineexplorer I notice that "kabc" does contain some around 10 entries with value "not displayable" (translated). Any idea, what this might be or how I can help debugging it? I am running a kde 4.1.1 with kdepim in the same version (kde-redhat) - Oct 22 2008
todo list

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Nov 27 2009
I can confirm that it is working with the fix you mentioned. However, build direct again kde 4.2 trunk seems to work as well. - Oct 06 2008
Nvidia sensors monitor

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Aug 15 2008
Please excuse me, if it is a stupid question, but ... is this really a binary plasmoid? I got a little bit irritated that lots of superkaramba themes appear in this category. A binary plasmoid was something that needs to be compiled for me... in fact I guess that superkaramba would be more like an script, cause it normally should run out of the box. (In fact not for me here, but this seems to be related to plasma itself).

However, it looks quite nice and is some good piece of work :) - Aug 18 2008
(easy to install) KonquiSidebar

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 15 comments

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Sep 22 2003
Yes, I also try to download it the last days, but no success at all. Seems to be often offline... sadly :-/ - Jan 25 2004
Configurable Button

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by markip

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Jul 11 2019
Server Status Widget

Plasma 4 Extensions
by conrausch

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Jan 04 2011

System Software
by Sho

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Mar 29 2010
Star Field Plasma Wallpaper

Plasma 4 Extensions
by priomsrb

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Jul 15 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions
by ibuscher

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Jun 14 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions
by mbaszczewski

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Feb 23 2009
Configurable Button

Plasma 5 Applets
by markip

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10   Jul 11 2019
Exactly how a plasmoid should be... flexible ;)
Facebook Widget (fixed)

Plasma 4 Extensions
by aderocha

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9   Jul 11 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions
by Xwarman

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9   Jul 11 2011

Plasma 5 Applets
by bulldog98

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9   Jul 11 2011
System Tray

Plasma 4 Extensions
by 8siem

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9   Jan 23 2011
RPM preview & thumbnail

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by VectoR

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9   Oct 02 2010