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Pim Schellart

Audioplayers by amarok 574 comments

Hi I realy want to try your app but I can't get it to work. When I start it it gives me the error

amarok: WARNING: [static amaroK::Plugin* PluginManager::createFromQuery(const QString&)] No matching plugin found.

and then it craches I use version 1.0 please give me some hints I have installed arts. - Apr 15 2004
Mozilla Icons (firebird & thunderbird)

Icon Sub-Sets by pim 3 comments

Sorry please disregard my last post, to install them use these instructions.

1. convert/rename the icon to use to main-window.xpm
2. create the following subdirectorys:
[mozilla firebird folder]/chrome/icons/default
(icons and default have to be created)
3. copy the icon to that directory
4. restart mozilla firebird

Have fun

I'm still working on mozilla thunderbird instructions but these work for me! - Jan 29 2004
Mozilla Icons (firebird & thunderbird)

Icon Sub-Sets by pim 3 comments

You have to put them in the icons subdirectory of the mozilla firebird/thunderbird program directory and rename/convert them to mozicon16.xpm and mozicon50.xpm then they should load automaticly but for me mozilla firebird does not load them thunderbird does however. The icons are primarily ment as kde menu icons and for that purpose they work just fine. But if anyone gets them to load in firebird let me know.

Good luck! - Jan 29 2004