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Fred G , France
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Hyo o9o8 GTK

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Sep 18 2008

I do not use gnome (at all..., for I do not like it the least bit)

Thus it shall be hard for me to make a Metacity theme. Moreover, I've never lade one before...

I think you could just ask someone that is better than me at making metacity themes.

That's ok with me as long as credit goes along...

Thanks for your comment, Cheers. - Oct 05 2008
That's funny, but it's just because I loved the panel and the tab look&feel that I did this theme :)

I may, If I feel like it, modify the tabs to something that looks like the button... Yet it's not sure at all..

Thanks for the comment.

Cheers. - Oct 05 2008
Vita GTK

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May 22 2008
Thanks a lot ! - May 23 2008
It's included in the archive (both version are comprised, theoritically at least) :) - May 23 2008
If I recall correctly it's "URW Gothic L".
Though I do not really know where I found it...

I'll upload it somewhere if you want it and cannot find it (just tell me). - Feb 03 2008
Thanks a lot msart2k !!
That's really appreciated... Check it once more, many bug have been fixed and a ligt version was added ;) - Jan 31 2008
TxuTxu GTK o5o8

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May 07 2008
Thanks !
Well the BG is solely white, so for sure it's bright.
It's best to use this theme with a nature/light WP instead of a dark one if you think contrast is too flagrant.

In my (very humble) opinion, I like it with a dark BG ! - May 12 2008