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Pino Toscano , Italy
System Software

System Software 3 comments

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Aug 18 2009
Looks like more or less one of the various functions which `kdialog` (shipped with standard kdebase-runtime) provides. - Aug 18 2009

System Software 11 comments

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Aug 13 2009
You should pass
as additional parameter when running cmake. In case you have run cmake already, remove the CMakeCache.txt from the build directory, and try again. - Jun 25 2009
You didn't specify your distribution when compiling with cmake. See the INSTALL file for more details. - Jun 25 2009
Beryl on Debian GNU Linux Testing

Utilities 9 comments

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May 20 2007
What does it have to do with

It's a taylored shell script for a specific distro, and the only interaction with the user is donw using a GNOME application. - Jan 24 2007

Chat & Messenging
by Sho

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Jun 24 2009

System Software
by Sho

Score 86.7%
Jun 23 2009