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Sep 01 2018 - Scroll down towards the bottom and there are links for a pre-buult .deb package, PPA, or .tar archive. The page says the icons haven't been tested on newer versions of Ubuntu, but I personally haven't run into any issues with it. Feel free to let me know if you find any and I'll see about changing the icon set associated with this theme if necessary. - May 08 2019
also, I just tried it on LXDE (Lubuntu 18.04 in this case) and, while the GTK theme works, the window border / titlebar does not, as that is required to be an Openbox theme package. I'm not very experienced with Openbox themes so if you don't mind, I'll leave that part to you. But the GTK window contents do work as expected. As I mention in the project description, the themes are designed to work with the Vibrancy Colors icon pack, which is what I feature in the screenshots. - Aug 17 2018
I'm glad that you like it! Do you have any recommendations for additional colours? I've been thinking purple, a warmer aqua-blue, and magenta. Hopefully I'll be able to release a couple new variants over the next couple weeks. - Aug 17 2018
After looking into the situation with XFCE a bit more and trying it out myself, it looks like titlebars / window controls in XFCE are handled through the use of pixmap images. I am not familiar with these and will have to do some research in hopes of getting the themes to work better on XFCE. In the meantime, I have also found that the titlebar for Numix theme works pretty well and the window controls take on the colour of the theme when hovered over.

As well, I had a bit more spare time today than I anticipated and have just released a blue theme variant. It's definitely a colder shade of blue; not sure if that's what you're looking for, but nonetheless, I'll probably do up a warmer aqua-blue theme at some point. - Aug 12 2018
XFCE support is something I can look into. Cinnamon seems to have a similar issue where different title bars have to be used and I have yet to figure out a solution. As for a blue version, I should be able to do that in the next couple of weeks. - Aug 12 2018
Thank you very much! Glad you like the theme. I hope to upload more colour variants in the future. - Aug 12 2018