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paul  , USA
Plasma Color Schemes

QtCurve 546 comments

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Jan 08 2013
Good day !
When the opacity is really low, the text can sometimes become a bit harder to read.
I'm wondering if there is a way to outline the text or to shadow it ? And if not, will there be one, one day ? - Jan 20 2013

Audioplayers 123 comments

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Dec 07 2011
This might not be about Bangarang, but about Nepomuk. I had similar issues with other applications using Nepomuk. - Oct 09 2012
Kup Backup System

System Software 215 comments

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Feb 01 2019
If I used Btrfs maybe I wouldn't need it indeed.
Right know I just want to be able to:
- Check out old versions of configuration files
- Get back old version of installed libs
- Being able of restoring everything from a backup

If I just launch the kupdaemon with sudo (it should preserve the configuration path right ?), could I make the system backup ?
After all it's true that there's no real need for bup in this regard, the new generation of filesystems already provide more appropriate ways of restoring.

Thank you for making Kup available to us by the way ! - Aug 04 2012
Hey !

Currently bup is executed by the user, so it's perfect for a backup of work things and all...
I'm already using Kup for backing up my work, but I would like to use it as well to back up my whole system and be able to get back after an update or when I do something stupid to it.

To do this, bup would need to be executed as superuser.
Would it be possible to add a feature so that kup can execute some backups as superuser ? - Jul 17 2012
Animated Video Wallpaper

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins 118 comments

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Oct 06 2009
It's also not compatible with the new version of ffmpeg (some functions that used to be deprecated have finally been removed).
It's too bad, that thing here looks quite awesome. - Jul 30 2012
Icon Tasks

Plasma 4 Widgets 642 comments

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Nov 10 2011
Thank you ! I'm using it right now !

So now I would like to tell the developers... ARE YOU GUYS OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND ? I've been spending the last minute on my toilets flushing all the rainbows that I've been puking since I use this !

People are NOT ready for such awesomeness ! I mean, presentation effect for grouped window ? Really ? Supporting Unity features ? REALLY ??

You made me so happy I may even track you down and travel the world just to give you a hug ! - Jan 05 2012
Forget it sorry -_-' ! While making more research to fix it I stumbled upon the name of the package, which is indeed part of kde-unstable.
Dunno why I didn't find it when I searched plasma-addons in pacman. - Jan 05 2012
Hi !

For some reason and even if this is apparently integrated in KDE4.8, it wasn't packaged in the kde-unstable repository of Archlinux.

I tried to compile myself or to use AUR, and in both case the compilation stop with this error :
/taskmanager/taskmanager.cpp:52:42: fatal error: kworkspace/kactivityconsumer.h: No such file or directory

I haven't been able to find from which package this file is supposed to belong, but I would bet it's supposed to be in kdebase-workspace.

Can someone help me deals with this ? I wouldn't like to be the only KDE user not to enjoy the future ^^ ! - Jan 05 2012

System Software 3 comments

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May 31 2010
You're fucking kidding us right ?
I knew some people were working on such a thing already (heard of a guy at my school that wished to do something like this, so yeah, why not ?)... but seriously... RIGHT NOW ? Linux and ReactOS kernels ? All at once ?
Now that would be awesome. Once it's stable of course. - May 31 2010
Yakuake Air Theme (4.4)

Yakuake Skins 3 comments

by jaem
Score 63.3%
Jun 11 2010
Yeah, this is a wonderfull Yakuake, congrats =) !
I even think this should be shipped with Yakuake and become the default theme for the next releases of KDE SC.
Yakuake is the best friend of power-user under KDE : it's only fine to make it look great. - May 27 2010

Chat & Messenging 91 comments

by Sho
Score 80.0%
Jun 26 2018
Me agree.
I seriously do not understand why Quassel is included in KDE ? I tried to use it but I was forced to use Konversation anyway, for DCC transfer... Konversation is THE KDE answer for IRC. - May 23 2010
uhm.. domino anyone?

Various Stuff 19 comments

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Mar 24 2010
Excellent indeed.
I remember the topic you're talking about, it's on the Brainstorm part of the KDE's Forum. Luckly I posted on it, so here is the URL :
It's a submitted idea but I guess you still can add your comment.

I'm trying to get the same look for my KDE. I love Air and Oxygen, but this is even better. And change is good. - May 16 2010
Guitar Tuner

Plasma 4 Widgets 11 comments

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Mar 22 2010
Exactly what I was looking for ! This will make my life soooo much easier :) !
Thanks a lot again for that plasmoid ! Awesome stuff ! - May 15 2010
KCM webcam support

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 23 comments

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Mar 20 2010
Is this going to be implemented ?
Because it should =) ! Very nice work ! - Jan 30 2010

Amarok 2.x Scripts 18 comments

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May 05 2009
It works hahaha ! IT'S ALIVE !

Thanks a lot ! I began searching that feature something like one month ago, never suspected there was a Amarok script doing that ! - May 05 2009
I have a bug with the Mandriva 2009.1 version of Amarok 2.

At first, I had no menu entry in order to open the configuration panel...
So I looked in the Alarm sources and tried to execute some of this : I managed to make the menu entry appear, but not to make the connexion with the function onConfigure (it tells me that onConfigure isn't defined).

No way to understand what's wrong with it.
Anyway, glad to see this add-on ! The world need this feature. - May 04 2009

Webcam & Monitoring 70 comments

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Jan 23 2009
You should look happier on the pictures you know ^^ !

It's a good app, nice and easy. Do you plan on making it able to record video (taking sound also) ? - Apr 11 2009
Score 62.5%
May 22 2010
Google Web Search, KDE SC 4.4 style

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by ademmer1977

Score 71.7%
May 18 2010

System Software
by brezerk

Score 80.6%
May 15 2010
Guitar Tuner

Plasma 4 Widgets
by astromme

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May 15 2010

Plasma 4 Widgets
by zhick

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May 13 2010
GnoMenu Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Widgets
by Whise

Score 68.8%
May 13 2010
Luminate - Color Scheme

Plasma Color Schemes
by garthecho

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Mar 27 2010

Plasma Themes
by eyecreate

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9   Jun 05 2012

Plasma 4 Widgets
by eusonig

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9   Jun 02 2012

Wallpaper Other
by balexandre2

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9   Jul 03 2011

Wallpaper Other
by balexandre2

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9   Jul 03 2011
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9   Jul 03 2011
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9   Jul 03 2011
in red

Wallpaper Other
by bos4

Score 67.1%
9   Jul 03 2011

Full Icon Themes
by boskicinek

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9   Jun 14 2011

Full Icon Themes
by floppy

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9   Jun 14 2011
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9   May 13 2011
New Wallpaper

Plasma 4 Widgets
by alz83

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9   May 13 2011
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9   Mar 12 2011

Plasma Themes
by KovacsM

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9   Mar 12 2011

Plasma Themes
by mcder

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9   Feb 19 2011
Big Blue

Plasma Themes
by MaMuS

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9   Feb 03 2011
Air Translucent

Plasma Themes
by garthecho

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9   Feb 03 2011

Plasma Themes
by gomezhyuuga1

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9   Feb 03 2011

Plasma Themes
by megabaks

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9   Feb 03 2011

Plasma Color Schemes
by downdiagonal

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9   Jan 29 2011

Plasma Color Schemes
by mikap

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9   Jan 29 2011
Obsidian Forest

Plasma Color Schemes
by werevire

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9   Jan 29 2011

Plasma Color Schemes
by drankinatty

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9   Jan 29 2011
David C. Rankin

Plasma Color Schemes
by drankinatty

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9   Jan 29 2011

Plasma Color Schemes
by drankinatty

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9   Jan 29 2011

Plasma Color Schemes
by envyouraudience

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9   Jan 29 2011