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David soundso , Germany
Radial (thin borders) Aurorae

Aurorae Themes by Scnd101 9 comments


that's a really nice work. But how may I port emerald themes successfull to aurorae?

Could you give some information about this? Or is there a tool to convert emerald to aurorae?

best regards

Moi - May 30 2010
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions by panzi 842 comments

Hello, I'm currently using Kubuntu 9.10 with KDE SC 4.4 - my problem is that I only find sources for KDE 4.3. The kubuntu package crashes my plasma-desktop when I use it.

May you give information whether and when you'll support KDE SC 4.4 (and Kubuntu 10.04 when it'll be released) ?

kind regards - Apr 27 2010
sysinfo (development version)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by key87 2 comments


I'm interested in your project. When do you publish the source code, or binaries? - Mar 16 2010
CDE theme

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by arenyart 9 comments


would you please be so kind to tell me how to install this? - Feb 27 2010
seven aurorae

Aurorae Themes by vicko 20 comments


I really like your theme, but could you make other colors possible too? I'd prefer a dark/black skin :) - Feb 17 2010
Win7-bright (KDE 4.4)

Aurorae Themes by Schiwi 12 comments

Hello, I have a problem about it. It seems that there is a bug, so it looks really ugly.

Here I've loaded up a screenshot: - Jan 05 2010
redmond 7 - Stylepack

Various Stuff by jonson2050 2 comments

Hello, I have a problem with the download.

Der Dateistatus kann nur noch von Premium Nutzern abgefragt werden - Holen Sie sich jetzt einen Premiumaccount!

May you load it up to a website, where this stylepack can be downloaded for free? - Jan 05 2010

GDM Themes by jgaray 8 comments

hmm, I like your art... it looks very well, but I hate the GDR and Stasi ;)

Yes, you're right if you say, that the modern Germany is criminal...

But the Stasi observated the whole people of GDR... many people who wanted to leave this corrupted regime died through soldiers at the borders.

Der Spiegel and Bild... Bild is not a really newspaper I think and all medias are corrupted by the government of this fu*kin' state.

Much people of Germany are simply stupid. Their brains are killed by the medias and so they would believe everything. So I can understand it, that 20 % of the people of Germany want to get the GDR back.

ok.. I shouldn't talk so much about politic here... if you want to diskuss with me, you can add me in jabber or ICQ... - Jul 19 2009

GDM Themes by jgaray 8 comments

Why do people like you support this organisation and also this regime?

The GDR was a dictature! Thousands of people died because they wanted to leave this state. Do you find that good??? -.-

And the Stasi was a organisation to observate the people of the GDR. I don't know why you find this communistic regime good... - Jul 19 2009