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Alexandre Prokoudine

Graphic Apps by Serjth 8 comments

Great, it compiles and runs again now :)

Two notes:

1) crosti still doesn't pick Qt theme used in the system

2) zooming is rather slow and has a 20% low limit - Sep 06 2011

Graphic Apps by Serjth 8 comments

Here is the output:

g++ -Wl,-O1 -o ../../crosti/crosti ../../tmp/main.o ../../tmp/mainwindow.o ../../tmp/outputmessage.o ../../tmp/theme.o ../../tmp/viewer.o ../../tmp/view.o ../../tmp/imagefilter.o ../../tmp/wizard.o ../../tmp/moc_mainwindow.o ../../tmp/moc_outputmessage.o ../../tmp/moc_viewer.o ../../tmp/moc_view.o ../../tmp/moc_wizard.o -L/usr/lib -lQtGui -lQtCore -lpthread
../../tmp/main.o: In function `global constructors keyed to main':
main.cpp:(.text+0x17a9): undefined reference to `qt_plugin_instance_qjpeg()'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [../../crosti/crosti] Error 1
- Sep 06 2011

Music Production by wschweer 34 comments

There actually is development. The project is now called Canorus: - Jul 25 2007
LyX -- The Document Processor

Office Apps by jspitzm 35 comments

Use Inkscape - Jul 13 2006

Audio Apps by rsijrier 21 comments

Valery Beluntsov passed away on 2nd, January this year :( - Jul 07 2006

Audio Apps by rsijrier 21 comments

Just when I thought what happened after Java/C++ division, I see release now :)

Way to go. - Jul 05 2006
spring fog

Wallpaper Other by caminoix 4 comments

This is public domain, not Artistic 2.0. - Feb 22 2006
Gentle Gnome mockup

Various Gnome Stuff by Gentleman 187 comments

Gentlemen, this is really nice, but just painting beautiful shots isn't enough.

This beauty can make its way to reality only if you or someone else write down full proposal of changes required. Until then it will be only an eye-candy for desktop wallpaper or something.

It's not meant to insult you. It's just how development happens. - Nov 22 2005