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rob campbell , United Kingdom
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Utilities by robmax 56 comments

That sounds like more a feature than a bug. Why do you want to be running things like this as root? Probably not a good idea. - May 02 2006

Science by gerlach 78 comments

I'm a neuroscientist and spend all day analysing data. You have a nice piece of software here--always good to see new data analysis programs for Linux.

But it also seems a pity that, to a large degree, you're re-inventing the wheel. One of the best stats packages you can get with great plotting facilities is already available for linux:
The stats functions are very robust, well respected, and cutting edge. However, what R doesn't have is a nice KDE gui, in particular one with interactive plotting. There's one called Rkward ( but it's buggy and doesn't interact with plots.

The R project needs good KDE coders like yourself. It just my opinion that if your energies went into making an R GUI and an interactive plotting front-end (the latter might be a challenge) you'd end up with a far more flexible piece of software. Also all the number-crunching and low-level display functions are already written for you..

p.s. I'm not associated with R in any way: just a user. Keep up the good work, though! - Apr 05 2006