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Raffaele Sgarro
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WiFi wireless signal strength in panel

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Apr 09 2010
I developed the script while using the Air theme ;) I noticed the icon not being visible enough, so I added a dark 0.5 opaque background, but it's an ugly solution so I commented it out. You can try restoring line 64 of (in plasmoid itself, not in the engine) which looks like
#painter.drawRoundedRect(myRect, 25, 25, Qt.RelativeSize)

By the way, if you know a better icon, please let me know :)
I also think the kmix icon would be perfect!! But obviuosly we can't use them - Dec 12 2010
Hi, thanks for the review and for pointing this out!
This script actually has a number of issues and needs a "heavy" refactor.
I think you could work around this by modifying something in the source so it doesn't get the interface form the /proc filesystem. The configuration dialog is certainly the best option, I'll update this ASAP

Also, I don't like the standard Oxygen icon, and was looking for a better way of displaying signal strength. Maybe a monochromatic carrier-like icon. What do you think? - Dec 12 2010
wireless dataengine required by WiFi

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Aug 01 2010
There's an issue with this dataengine, cause the iwconfig executable has different paths on different systems. I have been suggested to implement a "degradation strategy" looping among known locations. Unfortunately I am unable to run my plasmoid because of python scriptengine failure on my ubuntu

The CPU issue can only be related to the update frequency. Edit line 19 of ~.kde/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/pywifi-engine/contents/code/
Change from
This should go, but I have not tested it myself - Aug 01 2010
Thank you for pointing this out - Apr 11 2010
better network-wireless icons for oxygen

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Jan 14 2010
Where can I found the SVG (possibily other colors too)?

Thx Great icon ;) - Jan 13 2010