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prasanna rao

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Jan 08 2013
In fact, it doesn't even show transparency if you deselect the option of take transparency from style and choose transparency manually.

That is, the decos show no transparency either way. - Feb 10 2011
Air-like (Except more purple) JPEG

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Jun 04 2010
Nope, sorry, didn't save the original xcf. Let me know if you have any suggestions like madsheytan up there, and I'll make the next one in HD :) - Jun 04 2010
Oxygen Refit 2

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Jul 22 2010
Hi Chrispy,

Great job! It's kinda late for me to ask, but do you mind if I link your content to mine? here's mine:

Just comment and let me know if you have any objection, and I will remove the link :) - Oct 02 2008
Sunset Bliss II

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Sep 19 2008
Nice Wallpaper BTW, even though it reminds me of WinXP :) - Sep 20 2008
No, that would screw up the aspect ratio. To preserve shape, do an Image->Canvas Size and adjust what you want included in the image. - Sep 20 2008
Mac OS X leopard-ish wallpaper

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May 18 2008
It's in awn-extra-applets. - May 21 2008
from awn-manager -> Applets tab, add "stacks" applet. Right click on the applet to get preferences. Under "Layout Preferences" change layout drop-down from "Default" to "Curved GUI".

There's also a backend tab in the same dialog. If you set it to a folder, the contents of that folder are shown. If you set it to file (the default) you can drag and drop files and folders to show in it.

Hope this was helpful :) - May 20 2008

Wallpaper Other
by lin-gini

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9   Jul 30 2011
Oxygen Refit Black

Full Icon Themes
by downdiagonal

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9   Jul 26 2011

Full Icon Themes
by gomezhyuuga1

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9   Jul 26 2011
Air Translucent

Plasma Themes
by garthecho

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9   Mar 25 2011