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Quinn Storm
Darkness RGBA, Modded by Rainbow

GTK2 Themes by Rainbow 4 comments

For the record, adamantis did most of the work pictured here, I just did some work on a few apps to make them fit better and in general cleaned it up a little. I'm going to try to get in touch with her and work with her on this instead of having mine hosted separately. I do not want anyone thinking I'm taking credit for her work. - May 21 2010
Darkness gtk2 (rgba true)

GTK2 Themes by adamantis 57 comments

Instead of me hosting my mod separately, would you like to perhaps work on a way to collaborate here? You've done most of the work, all I did was patch a few apps (gnome-panel included) to work better with the theme. I don't want to be seen as trying to take credit for your work. - May 21 2010
Darkness RGBA, Modded by Rainbow

GTK2 Themes by Rainbow 4 comments

Well, there are a few tweaks to Darkness, the big differences are that I've patched gnome-panel et al, updated the dockbarx theme a bit, and gotten it all to play nicely together. I just wish the gnome-panel patches didn't have to be so ugly. - May 20 2010
Darkness RGBA with many mods

Gnome Screenshots by Rainbow 3 comments

It's not really quite good enough, but I patched its drawing code so it didn't blink/flicker nearly so badly, I should prepare a proper diff&deb of it too, right now I just have it hacked in-place - May 14 2010