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Julio Rdz
kAwOken for KDE - preview

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Jul 23 2011
can you give the combination of color to match the classy blue folder? thanks - Jul 01 2011
man I'm feeling so stupid, I found the problem, the problem was that I ran the script in root, so I just running normally and it works :D

I'm so sorry for wasting your time :( thanks for the help and the awesome theme, and sorry for my english, I'm Mexican :P - Jul 01 2011
here it is:

Initial settings. Current Release: 2.1

Please consider a small donation (1$ goes a long way) via PayPal to ''
ERROR: Zenity not found. Please install zenity to use this script in the new 2.1 Version.
Anyway, I'll run the script in the old terminal fashion.
It seems that the set is not in a expected location (or there's a bug in the script). If you think there's a bug, please send me a mail or a message in whatever way you prefer.
I'll stop here.
- Jul 01 2011
btw the icons is placed on


hope it helps :) - Jul 01 2011
Thanks for the icon :)

now I have a problem, the script dont run, I'm using Chakra

It tell's "It seems that the set is not in a expected location..." :S - Jul 01 2011
man if is dont much ask, can you made a icon for Kmess?

thanks in advance :)

so great theme! thanks for you great work and for sharing :D - Jun 28 2011