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José Juan Escudero Sanz Madrid, Spain
Dolphin Service Menus
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Dolphin Service Menus 12 comments

by ramso
Score 67.1%
Jan 19 2014
Not work rigth. Not [execute] line in the log, probalvy it's a problem with the script loop, i go to work in a solution. - Aug 15 2012
Normally white space should not be a problem, but not always received either :( I have corrected this problem several times. If you can pass me the log debug it to see if I can fix the problem, I would be very grateful. - Aug 15 2012
Should be at the same level in the selected folder. If it is not, the process should have failed, verify that the path and the name of the folder does not have strange characters or blank spaces, is usually the cause most common problems.
If this does not solve the issue active the debug mode, edit the cd_servicemenu script, search the line debug = false and change for debug = true
This generates the file \/tmp\/cb.log, mandamelo to detect the problem and fix it. - Aug 15 2012
Thanks for your suggestions, I go to study the more easy way to add this features to the scripts for the next release, I hope to have time to do this holiday season.
I don't have a kindle to test the result, It's possible to send me one comic for make the test and send you the results? - Dec 18 2011
I go to study the best format to add and added in the next release. - Feb 17 2011

Dolphin Service Menus 229 comments

Score 77.8%
Oct 31 2019
I detect a problem with the paths for opensuse with kde4. The correct path for kde4 is /usr/share/kde4. I modify the option --suseinstall with this
"--suseinstall" )
mkdir -p /usr/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus/
mkdir -p /usr/share/kde4/share/mimelnk/audio/
mkdir -p /usr/share/kde4/bin/
install -m 644 $DESKTOPFILES /usr/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus/
install -m 644 $MIMEFILES /usr/share/kde4/share/mimelnk/audio/
install -m 755 $SCRIPTS /usr/share/kde4/bin/
exit 0
This work perfect in openSuse 11.1 with KDE4.2.1 - Mar 23 2009

Graphic Apps
by segfault87

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Feb 20 2011
wacom tablet

System Software
by Etric

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Oct 13 2010

Graphic Apps
by yogin

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Sep 08 2010
KDE 5 Service Menu PDF

Dolphin Service Menus
by egregorion

Score 81.3%
Aug 29 2010