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Edgar Edgar Ibsen

Karamba & Superkaramba by DidouPh 9 comments

This is a little off topic, but isn't your CPU temp awfully high? XD I the maximum temp rating of XP is 90C?

Otherwise not bad :) - May 09 2006
Noob Desktop

Wallpaper Other by wolveen 8 comments

Nice wallpaper :) I think people here are getting carried away with the GNU stuff and have forgotten that it is really, well, just a wallpaper (who could've guessed!).

GNU is nice and all, but it has really nothing to do with this. On the other hand I find the wallpaper well made, and that's all that matters imo :) - Apr 28 2006
Diamond Crush

Board by cover 8 comments

Many applications run under KDE. The Windows application that I use all the time runs under Wine under KDE. Just like how this game runs under JRE under KDE.

And yes the graphics does look good, though I'm not the one who said it is commercial software :P - Apr 26 2006
Diamond Crush

Board by cover 8 comments

That does not change the fact that it's written in Java and this site is not Plus there is even a link to a Windows version.

Just because it's free doesn't mean it should be on here. The license is kinda weird too; I haven't found a real "license" (public domain is not a license).

Doesn't mean the game doesn't look interesting, just that it shouldn't be here. - Apr 26 2006
Well, you can just write a wrapper script that fixes the problem :)

Actually I wrote one for that just now, and posted it in the description section of the page 'cause it's so short. - Apr 24 2006
Also, I can't seem to find *any* screensaver disabler in the KMPlayer config... where did you find the half-working one (I'm using Xine as backend btw, if that matters)? O.o - Apr 23 2006
Well... this is another case of the classic "itch-scratching". I have a LCD monitor, so I don't use screensavers, but rather set it to auto power-off after 1 minute, and I can't find any dcop call that can disable that. I use auto power-off because screensavers are bad for LCDs as they don't actually "save" anything (the screen is still on and functioning as normal).

Plus, I heard MPlayer has the exact same idea for disabling the screensaver & co. during playback. - Apr 23 2006
Comix Cursors

Cursors by jlue 312 comments

I actually have one complaint with this scheme: it's too good. I end up wasting time staring at the cursor instead of getting my work done :/

I can't change into another scheme either, as they all pale in comparison... what a dilemma. - Mar 23 2006