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Rainer Schumann

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Jan 23 2011
Thank you for posting, worked for me as well! - Jan 02 2013
Today I had a chance to check your fix and it works like a charm!
Thank you very much!

rasch - Mar 18 2010
Unfortunately I came across this plasmoid only after it ceased to work on OpenSuse 11.2...
As I have virtually no knowledge about python I was only able to deduce the source of the problem, hope this helps others to fix it.
The problem goes away if you change Line 88 in to:

buf.write("""<p class="title">Date</p>""")

So the reason is the umlaut in month march ('März' in german) that gets rendered into this tag.
With this change it works, but you have not the current date displayed in its window.

rasch - Mar 09 2010