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Rodrigo Oliveira Belém/Pará, Brazil
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Utilities 25 comments

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Sep 28 2010
Hello! Very nice software!

Suggestion: it would be interesting to see it integrated into koffice and

Best regards! - May 09 2007

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Feb 07 2012

For those interested in Programming and Slackware Linux!

Regards. - Aug 30 2006
Hello. What version of Qt are you using? KPDFTool was tested with 3.x releases...

Best Regards. - Aug 18 2006
Yes! Thanks! - May 15 2006
Hello! What do you think about redering the PDF as image, add your comments with kolourpaint and convert back the image sequence to pdf?? It is simple to implement in KPDFTool.

Thanks - Feb 11 2006
Thanks for the Suggestion! I'll work on this as soom as possible! - Feb 08 2006
Thanks for your valuable comments! Some ideas and details about the software I had thought about, but some I had not. Thanks for contribution!

I just did not understand why do you say that the source code is not complete. Actually, it is, ok?

Thanks a lot for you interest! - Jan 04 2006
It's very weird! Well, I'm with Qt 3.3.4, gcc 3.3.6, make 3.80 and KDE 3.5. It can be a problem related to the version of one of these softwares in your system.

I'm interested to see the features you've added to KPDFTool. Could you send it to me?

Thanks! - Jan 04 2006
Hey, thanks a lot! Slackware is my distro! - Jan 03 2006
Thanks! I had this idea in mind for a furure release! - Jan 02 2006
Thanks a lot for the information! Working with PDF and PostScript files in a easy way is something very usefull nowadays. That's the idea I had in mind when I wrote this application.
Certainly I will find usefull information in that links. Thanks very much. - Jan 02 2006
Thanks! It's very good to know that people like the app. I'll think about kde dialogs in future versions. - Jan 02 2006
Actually the protected PDFs do not contain the text, just a collection of images of the document pages. - Jan 02 2006
Copy to Pendrive

Dolphin Service Menus 5 comments

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Apr 04 2006
Yes... The discription is fixed now.
Thanks. - Apr 10 2006
Yes, this is true! Can someone post here the pendrive names under other unices variants which run KDE?

Thanks! - Apr 04 2006
Copy to Floppy

Dolphin Service Menus 22 comments

by zast
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May 23 2005
Hello! Unfortunately it is not working with KDE 3.4 or above. I wrote a patch and its is OK now. You could replace the "exec=..." line by

Exec=kfmclient copy %U media:/fd0

or, if you'd like to umount

Exec=kfmclient copy %U media:/fd0 ; umount /dev/fd0

It is a usefull tool! Thanks - Apr 04 2006
Open as user

Dolphin Service Menus 20 comments

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Apr 03 2007
Hello! Nice Idea!

Here is the menu name in portuguese, if you'd like to include it:

Name[pt_BR]=Abrir como o usuário...
Name[pt]=Abrir como o usuário...

In order to have a more universal dialog, you could change the text "Enter a user name:" by "Login:".

Thanks for this usefull app! - Mar 25 2006

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Apr 26 2011
Great work!

I'd like to suggest the addition of an encoding section (XViD+mp3 for example). The software would be a complete tool!

Thanks for your work! - Jan 13 2006