Aqua OS K

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by davidsansome 139 comments

Works fine for me with Debian/unstable and KDE3.1RC6.

./configure --prefix=/usr
make install

does the thing.


- Feb 20 2003
New style 'Different'

Various Stuff by renoken 57 comments

Both screenshots look great. I like the one with the gradient more. But I think the best would be, that you let the user chose what version they want, so make a kcontrol module where the user can change it...

just my 2 cents.

- Jul 07 2002
Free Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by tmielnik75 24 comments

Hey there!

I really like your icons. One of those who haven't installed crystal I really like to see more different icon sets. At the moment iKons are my favorite, but when your's are finished there is a really good chance that this icon set is getting on my desktop...

Great work so far, don't stop now!

so long,
red - May 17 2002