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Francesco Rossi Rimini, Italy

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by redsh
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Mar 17 2007
apt-get install ksudoku - Oct 27 2005
Try the new Fedora rpm package (see above)! - Oct 04 2005
At last I found someone who could make me a rpm working on Fedora.. - Oct 04 2005
? - Oct 01 2005
Try rpm rpm -ivh --nodeps ksudoku-0.2-1.i386.rpm

If, at the first run, the window is too small enlarge it.

(author) - Sep 30 2005
Ok, I am sorry, just misunderstood the resize problem, i will fix it.

All puzzles are 100% 1 solution checked, except "very hard" ones that could have multiple solutions.

So levels lower or equal to hard should be solvable, they could seem hard because (as I saw from solo's source) solo uses a reverse-logic scheme based elimiation algorithm, ksudoku uses a random elimination algorithm, that produces puzzles that could require more than usual resolution strategies. - Sep 12 2005
Thanks for suggestions.
For number one, does not the resize function work(you can resize the window normally)
I will work on number placing system for version 0.2 (a couple of days). - Sep 11 2005
Thanks, well that's not a unknown problem, just I did not find anyone who made me icons... - Sep 10 2005
First of all thanks for suggestions.
I will setup a configuration dialog for next release (as soon as I find time) where you can choose if you want the red mark on wrong number (I used it for testing and personally I liked it, I always wait to be sure before writing down), otherwise I put the small number-mark with right mouse button.

Remember that when you hover with your pointer on cells and and you press a number on the keyboard it will be placed! - Sep 09 2005
Thank you Thank you Thank you

I need help to improve the number elimination algorithm (it is slow for 16x16 boards), if you think that you can help the project (also with your old program's ideas) I would be happy to add you in developers crew. - Sep 08 2005
Thank you Thank you Thank you - Sep 08 2005