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Tasty Menu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by mart 499 comments

I may be alone here, but I think you are going in entirely the wrong way with this.

I already hate how much space the kmenu, "start" menu, kbfx and other menus take up. Adding whole more panels onto this to enlarge it even more does nothing but worsen the problem for me.

Is this slightly better organized? Probably. But that doesn't mean its the right way to go.

I keep reading about KDE wanting to go go their own route, the identify themselves apart from Windows, Gnome, and Mac OS. But making even larger menus already based off a flawed idea of 2d full text, I don't think this is the right way to go.

I think one of the largest things KDE could do to move away from other OSes isn't to make the Start menu 8.0, it is to come up with a whole new way to access programs, drives, and folders.

Moving away should mean a few things, firstly lets get rid of all this damn text, and the massive amount of mouse movement required to navigate menus of this style. Then let's take advantage of what we have to work with. Qt and now XGL give a whole range of new options to allow us to move away from the flat wide menus, and its time we take advantage of them.

I am sorry to have taken such a long time to explain why I am giving this a negative vote, I just wanted to be very clear about my reasons. - Feb 20 2007
Timeline Distros Linux

Cliparts by alexdark 46 comments

I like where this idea came from, but you are missing a good deal of distros. Check out for more info about some of them, like RR4/RR64 which is a gentoo derivative far more popular than kororaa which made your list.

I like the tracking idea in general, and your branching idea is kind of nice visually for helping make them distinct and easy to read. - Apr 27 2006

Wallpaper Other by DocChicago 2 comments

I think maybe you mean Lemur, not limure. - Apr 17 2006
boo karamba theme

Karamba & Superkaramba by bikkuri 7 comments

This appears to be SK wide, actually, not just your them, so sorry. - Apr 08 2006
boo karamba theme

Karamba & Superkaramba by bikkuri 7 comments

Is there something I have to do or configure to get this to work?

I am running Gentoo with KDE 3.5.2 on AMD64 and I see big empty and transparent circles, not Boos. - Apr 08 2006

Wallpaper Other by Vaultness 4 comments

I like it, but would you consider releasing a version without the KDE erasue? I think it would look a little cleaner without the text. - Apr 07 2006
Chaplin And The Tux (beta)

Wallpaper Other by palyaco 5 comments

First: Only because I have seen that... "episode"/movie... whatever do I get it. Even then it is a stretch, but a unique concept, assuming you like Black and White silent films, unlike me.

Second: At this point so many years later, I am betting much of Chaplin is public domained and no longer copyrighted, so maybe it is free use. But I would really have to check around to be sure. - Apr 07 2006

Wallpaper Other by cherault 7 comments

Don't mean to sound mean, but I am quite shocked at some of your choices:
SuSE download? a JPEG? clearly a jpeg is SuSE only, no other linux distros, windows or Mac would be able to use that file.
KDE dependency 3.0.2+ how? again, it is a jpeg... I can't recall a graphical OS that couldn't handle that...
Hacker, I believe that one has already been mentioned... code + blue washout = hacker? - Apr 06 2006
Gaelic Tux

Wallpaper Other by Elnyne 5 comments

This fix still has a good deal of artifacting in the celtic design. It comes down to better clipping/cropping of the images. If you can't find a good auto setting, manually erase with an easer to make it cleaner.

PS, Original Poster - why is the kurumin labelled tux? Kurumin is a flavor of linux, yes it is a penguin, but so is kororaa, gentoo and many other distro's name base. Their logos are not tux, but a different penguin(well gentoo has a G, not a penguin, but in general...) like the Kurumin penguin. - Apr 06 2006
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Wallpaper Other by Waltin 4 comments

I like the idea, and in fact, given a better quality of implementation, I would probably use it, because it is kind of interesting and unique. But, the T-Rex bones source your used is of an obviously different pixelation depth or resolution. It was also not cleanly cropped, which gives some artifacting when put in the photo background. The artifacting is the only part of the picture which makes it too hard to look at to use as background.

The shadowing was a good try, but done with the wrong light angle(see the hill in the background for a hint as to direction).

I would love to see a cleaner version, as this is good, just not that clean. - Apr 06 2006
Underworld Evolution

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by metal-sheep 2 comments

I have yet to seen Evolution, but I liked the first, and I love the color palette and feel of this kdm theme. I haven't yet had a chance to see resolution and up close pixelation, but I plan to try this one, it looks very well done from the demo. - Mar 28 2006
Boo.xcf (gimpimage file)

Wallpaper Other by bikkuri 6 comments

Assuming it is anything like every other desktop widget "suite" available, yes, you could make them move around, change transparency to fade in and out given conditions or randomly. I would think it wouldn't be that hard to make them move around randomly, I have seen many little critters and things move around desktops in a few different widget programs. - Mar 21 2006
Ceniceros KDE

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by wachowski 6 comments

I don't really like 1 or 2, so I am glad you made 3 versions. That 3rd one has som very nice effects and nice looking gears, good color scheme and overall feel. It isn't mine currently, but it is in the rotation. - Mar 10 2006

Kbfx Startmenu by darknoize 5 comments

Wow... I was just referring to your actual naming of the version as SuSE linux 10.0, I wasn't trying to piss you off. I was just thinking maybe you rename the version to something that isn't SuSE, like .1, or 1.0. The version is for the version of your button, not the distro you use. I was just commenting it was a very odd version name considering that button has absolutely nothing to do with SuSE, just KDE, KBFX and pclinux os, and that in KDE we refer to it as a kicker button.

I have no qualms with you labelling the button as start, but that isn't actually what it is called. KBFX button, Kicker menu button, whatever is just a more fitting naming than SuSE start button.

So I guess I am not trying to "hate" you or pclinux os or calling it a "start" button or "hating" windows. I just have an issue with your naming conventions. - Mar 10 2006

Kbfx Startmenu by darknoize 5 comments

What about this is SuSE Linux?

File Format tar.gz, unpacks to png images. No KDE or OS dependency here.

The images drag into KBFX, which is KDE, not distro dependant.

That logo is a PC Linux OS, not SuSE.

KDE has KICKER Buttons... Start buttons are in Windows.

Call me confused. - Mar 10 2006

Wallpaper Other by paiuolo 18 comments

The cutting is closer to her now, so there is a much smaller halo, but the clipping itself isn't that much better frankly. Check the hair, the legs... maybe you should fade it, airbrush it, or work from amuch higher res source(then you save lower and these imperfections aren't noticable).

Onto the nudity for nudity's skae, I am not offended by nudity, if anything, when it is being flaunted, flaunt it...this is semi seductive showing very little to nothing. Why put a nude woman on your desktop if you don't see anything? But I prefer other styles, like cartoons and 3d renders, not nude photos.

Anywho, you are just new to gimping, clipping will come more when you have good practice. - Mar 02 2006

Wallpaper Other by paiuolo 18 comments

A nude girl, badly cut and paste, stuffed on a black background, with a slackware logo. Provided it was well down I can see the reasoning behind it, and would have left well enough alone.

But this is poorly done, and therefore, worthless, on a fairly mundane idea anywho.

+bad vote. - Mar 01 2006
new vista

Icon Sub-Sets by buffcolumbia 6 comments

Half the icon sets don't even work(free download section), they are corrupt. Thanks for a teaser for really expensive icons, some of which I have seen in other sets and are not yours, so I hardly think you have a right to charge anything. And a broken set of downloadable free icions, some of which I have also seen elsewhere, and are not yours. - Mar 01 2006

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by cathbard 2 comments

How are copyrighted characters falling under GPL? I really don't think so. You probbably don't even have permission to use them at all, which at best puts this under a limited use license.

On an unrelated note, I love Futurama, and was really looking forward to seeing this in action, sadly the low quality isn't just the screenshot, and it looks even worse on my 17in LCD at native 1280x1024 booting up KDE. I appluad your effort, but you need higher quality source, I am guessing DVD rip/screenshots? - Feb 27 2006
SuSE 10 KBFX Button

Kbfx Startmenu by RedShirt 12 comments

Right here on this very website. - Feb 14 2006
Default is Good

Wallpaper Other by uglyaskde 7 comments

I don't get it... KDE IS the default on SuSE. And still will be for 10.1.

And wouldn't something like a piss on KDE normally go on gnome-look? - Jan 08 2006

Icon Sub-Sets by Phytonix 48 comments

I am watching this develop with interest. These are looking so good, can't wait for full release with all the icons to really give it a test. - Jan 06 2006
blk-Kubuntu-kbfx Mod plus kicker

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by Tritan 3 comments

I have tried this on a few computers now, and it never looks right, I am guessing this a resolution issue, so which resolution is thi made for? - Jan 04 2006
SuSE 10 KBFX Button

Kbfx Startmenu by RedShirt 12 comments

I hadn't looked ina while, anywho, that isn't a wallpaper, I just set the the color to black and put on some transparency. I change the transparency to work well for the wallpaper I have as I go, right now I think it is about 45%. - Jan 02 2006
I tried switching to enlightenment just for a good LCARs theme. It didn't work, nor did the old school Acess 441 version. I am thrilled someone is going to be making a full LCARS theme, and I will use it, at the very least on planes and during presentations and all, just to impress people. I have high hopes it will be higly usable and scalable, I don't want to be locked into 640x480 or anything.

One thing to consider in terms of long term usability, LCARS tend to take up a ton of space in thick bars making it far less than practical, you may want to consider a condensed or slim version as well.

If I thought I could really add anything to the project I would offer my help. Instead, I just hope and wish you luck in completing this theme in the fairly short term. - Jan 02 2006
girls eyes

Wallpaper Other by damienj 4 comments

A saturation and hue fix would help this image, but it would need some air brushing/cleaning with the skin tone and consistency to be a viable wallpaper. It is a little too blemished/inconsistent. It is a nice closeup of an eye, but that is part of the problem, vastly highlighting skin imperfections, and the reflection in the retina looks out of place. A little bit of processing would take this image from good, to superb.

Though, IMO doing a Cel Shaded version, or otherwise abstracting the photo a little would make it even better than leaving it as a straight realistic photo, especially for a wallpaper, not a piece of gallery art. Good start, though.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional photographer or graphic artist, though I do dabble heavily in visual arts and graphical design. So the above is merely MY OPINION how to better a good base photo. - Dec 20 2005
Flying things

Wallpaper Other by ChristianNickel 3 comments

I like these little flying things.
I have 2 monitors at work, this is one, and the balls on the other. - Dec 02 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba by john16384 16 comments

I love the way this theme looks and works. I would love to use it and not my kicker, but I have some concerns. I see no kmenu, no systemtray, and no taskbar. This means I cannot launch anything I don't set up a desktop icon for or see anything I have running and minimized to tray(which I do always with amarok and ktorrent and super karamba).

If you can add support for these, or let me know how to configure it, I would be really happy with this. - Nov 27 2005
greyscale kbfx buttons

Kbfx Startmenu by vurcieyem 20 comments

Oh, you mean that big obvious icon looking guy, huh? Shoot, didn't realize it was a button, thought it was a preview. - Nov 24 2005
greyscale kbfx buttons

Kbfx Startmenu by vurcieyem 20 comments

Yes, I am the same.

Okay, see that is exactly what is throwing me, I have no way of selecting the icon when I make a new link to application(launcher.) So, how do you go about that? - Nov 23 2005
greyscale kbfx buttons

Kbfx Startmenu by vurcieyem 20 comments

That FF Icon, how did you set FF to have that fox instead of the default? I have been looking for a way to set icons or make an icon theme. - Nov 23 2005
SuSE 10 KBFX Button

Kbfx Startmenu by RedShirt 12 comments

Ooops, I lied, that is my Desktop font, my clock is "zero twos" at size 11 with the calendar of "mikachan" at size 8. - Nov 13 2005
SuSE 10 KBFX Button

Kbfx Startmenu by RedShirt 12 comments

It is called Eden Mills, size 10. I just got it installed with SuSE 10.0, so I don't know where you can get it outside of that, but a google search will probably find it. - Nov 13 2005
Window Decoration Generator (decgen)

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by maitre 77 comments

After installing png2qrgb on SuSE 10, it is not a valid command, it is however runable from /usr/local/kde/bin. I cannot generate headers(super.h is made blank). Any help? - Nov 12 2005
SuSE 10 KBFX Button

Kbfx Startmenu by RedShirt 12 comments

You have to get the KBFX software, it is an applet available here on KDE-Look. Then you add KBFX to your kicker panel, delete the kmenu. Then you can just drag the PNG to the KBFX button, and it will be set. Depending on the size of previous buttons, you may want to restart x(logout/login). - Nov 12 2005

Wallpaper Other by andrea83 13 comments

Is your site offline? I was really hoping to get that new version, those wallpapers look great! - Nov 11 2005