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Joerg Rennstich , Germany
touch screen player

Audio Apps by fabian4 6 comments

OK, came back in gitorious, but still no luck...
Took Konsole, did a "git clone", "cd tochscreenplayer", "qmake" and "make" and then tried to start the whole thing with "./".
First reply: mysqld could not start. Seemed it to be a permission problem on some sub-dir of "/var/", so I mkdir it manually and changed permissions. Then the mysqld part seemed to be ok, but when I then tried to start ./ or (mysqld and ./coverflow manually), I got a lot of reading on my HDD, but nothing else happened for more than 5 min.

Any idea?

System: (K)Ubuntu 9.10 with Amarok 2.2.2 (Backport repo, so KDE base should be 4.4)

Thanks in advance. - Mar 01 2010
touch screen player

Audio Apps by fabian4 6 comments

There seems to be no "" any more at gitorious, also no other scripts to start (as far as I can see as "simple user").
I have very little experience in compiling source code, so I don't have no clue how to get this up and running.

My system:
Ubuntu 9.10 (i386) with Amarok 2.2.1 (ppa-backport-repo)

Thanks in advance for any tip on how to proceed. - Jan 06 2010
Waheela (Amarok Fullscreen Player)

Audio Apps by xadras 71 comments

Great to see this app!
I really loved amarokFS and Kirocker for their showing "essentials" in fullscreen. I usually used them in a htpc replacing my CD collection.

As I replaced my old box with one having a small built-in display (800x600 resolution, Touchsreen) and Amarok 1.4 lost some functionality (last FM suggestions), I had to make a move towards some newer versions/apps. Within this small display, the "now-playing" infos from the great Amarok itself are far too much and reduce the WAF.

Tried Waheela (the precompiled .deb) with standard Kubuntu 9.10 (i386) and:
- Most of the time no cover at all is shown (if Amarok has one). My assumption: It's a bug in Amarok itself, internally it also seems to have problems in showing the correct cover.
- Basic skinning seems to work like in kirocker, BUT: I don't have no clue how to enlarge esp. the (not yet shown) covers.

So the moment these things will work "again" will make me smile.

To add one more wish:
I often use Amarok's automatic playlist feature (LastFM). So a real plus would be an option to edit the playlist without switching back to amarok. Suggestion: show next 3 songs in main window=> click on them: show longer list (#, text size configurable) as pop-up or enlarged window (e.g. like the "Lyrics"-feature in Kirocker), allow deleting items (Del-key or kontext menu for touchscreens) (or even drag&drop for rearranging).

So please excuse me for not having a look at the code myself: I have no programming skills... Maybe I could help with the documentation (or make some more suggestions to expand the functionality towards a tochscreen/kiosk-interface for amarok).

Keep going, great app! - Nov 18 2009

Amarok 2.x Scripts
by bschluff

May 17 2010

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Jan 13 2010